Mission, Vision & Guiding Principles

What is the Students’ Union?

As an undergraduate student at Laurier, your student fees help to fund your Students’ Union. All undergraduate students are automatically members of the Students’ Union, and are encouraged to access the services, representation and programming that we provide.

Our Mission

Providing the best student experience to our members.

Our Vision

Members are empowered to achieve.

Our Guiding Principles

The Students’ Union shall be Student Driven in everything we do.  Our activities, efforts and outputs are driven by the vision and guidance of our students in order to enhance the undergraduate experience.

The Students’ Union shall Provide Opportunities for growth and personal development to all members. Our members will benefit from access to our wide variety of elected, volunteer, and paid opportunities.

The Students’ Union shall be Accountable to our student members. We believe that all students have the right to know what their student fees are being used for.  Furthermore, we will be responsible for our actions and will look to explain, clarify or justify all organizational decisions that we make.

The Students’ Union shall be a Community Conscious organization.  We will strive to promote and foster a culture of inclusivity and safety within the greater Laurier community.  We will remain cognizant of our unique Laurier culture and make decisions accordingly.

The Students’ Union shall strive to be Progressive, exploring leading practices that fit with our members’ future needs. The organization will constantly work to assess and improve the quality of services and programs provided to students.

The Students’ Union shall be Adaptable to change.  The organization will react to all emerging trends within the post-secondary environment in order to continue to meet our member’s needs.