University Affairs Department



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The University Affairs department is the voice of political advocacy for undergraduate students. The Students’ Union works with the Cities of Waterloo and Brantford as well as the provincial & federal governments to improve quality and access to post-secondary education

The University Affairs department conducts its provincial advocacy alongside the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA), a respected stakeholder in the post-secondary sector. OUSA is comprised of eight different member schools, each of which is a leader in post-secondary education in Ontario. Through OUSA, the Students’ Union develops evidence-based policy and works with key provincial politicians to implement it.








Julia Pereira
VP University Affairs
519.884.0710 x 3420
Office: Waterloo
Owen Bourrie
AVP University Affairs (Waterloo)
519.884.0710 x 4567
Office: Waterloo
Brook Snider
AVP University Affairs (Brantford)
519.756.8228 x 5527
Office: Brantford