Sustainability @ WLU

Staying green at school can sometimes be tricky, but the EcoHawks and the Sustainability Office make it easy. check out the awesome things being done right now at Laurier to reduce our carbon footprint, as well as some cool resources available to you.

Sustainability Initiatives


Wilfrid Laurier University was one of the first Canadian universities to implement a reusable take-out container program, called the Eco-Container. A one-time fee of $5.00 provides students with a reusable container, which is valid for the entire course of their university career. Simply follow the 4 easy steps of the program and drop off at the marked locations to contribute to eliminating unnecessary waste.

How To Get Involved:

1 – When retrieving your food from William’s (Brantford), the Dining Hall, Terrace or take out from Wilf’s (Waterloo), ask for your food in an Eco-Container.
2 – Take your food to the cashier and they will charge you $5.00 for the container.
3 – Once you are finished with your food, on your next trip to the Dining Hall or Terrace, place your empty container in one of the drop off bins located there. When you do this, the cashier will give you a card to replace your container for next time.
4 – After receiving your next meal in an Eco-Container, present the cashier with your Eco-Container card, and she will not charge you for the container.

Secured Bike Storage

Laurier’s secured bike storage area is located along the southwest side of MacDonald House residence. It features a locked, covered, and monitored area to store your bicycle. Click here to view information on registering!

Community Gardens

Laurier has community garden projects located at Northdale campus as well as behind the Aboriginal Services Building at 187 Albert St. The garden projects promote growth and consumption of local, organic produce in order to reduce the purchase of high carbon footprint food items.

We also have plots for rental through KW Urban Harvesters and Patchwork Community Gardens. Out partnership through the Young City Growers provides bushels of fresh veggies and herbs each week for $10-15. This is on the Northdale Campus located on Hickory St, just north of the GIE building.

WLU Farmer’s Market

The WLU Farmer’s Market is a student run organization that operates out of the concourse weekly. This service conveniently provides students with budget-friendly local and organic produce in a convenient campus location. They feature weekly specials that are highlighted on their Facebook page and Twitter account.

Grand River CarShare

Grand River CarShare is paired up with Laurier to provide a designated parking area is located directly in front of Alumni Field. The service is a pay-per-use vehicle for lease to any student 21 years and older. Once registered and arranged, a car can be picked up from any one of the many drop-off/pick-up spots in Kitchener-Waterloo. For information on how to become part of the CarShare program click here.

Water Filling Stations

These filtered water-fill stations are located all over campus. These new models feature a digital counter which tracks the number of plastic water bottles each fountain has helped divert from landfills or recycling centers.


Laurier Brantford has several reserved carpooling parking spots – in prime locations of course! Laurier Waterloo will  soon be integrating the same. Carpooling receive a discounted pass.

Recycling & Organics

Laurier has now commingled recycling so all types of recyclables can go in the same bin. All food areas have organics bins so make sure to put all food waste, napkins & paper towels, dairy & meat waste (including bones), and soiled paper cups, plates and containers.

E-waste & Batteries

There is a drop-off location for e-waste items at 202 Regina St. loading dock and the Sustainability Council holds an e-waste drive along with their “Stuff Swap” at the beginning of April.

Approved E-waste Items:
Monitors, towers, cartridges, keyboards, laptops & computers, scanners, printers, computer mice, TV’s, and fax machines.

Unapproved E-waste Items:
Microwaves, photocopiers, movies or LCD projectors.

Battery Recycling:
Batteries can be dropped off at the following locations:

Brantford Campus:

ITS – Research & Academic Centre East, Room RCE110
Service Laurier – Grand River Hall, Room GRH 202
Physical Resources – SC Johnson, Room SCJ112

You can learn more about the program here.

Waterloo Campus:

Faculty of Science Room N1048
ITS Room BA313C
Accessible Learning Room 1c11
Library Admin Room L2-213
Most types of batteries are accepted for recycling, however, Lithium (Li) batteries must have their terminals taped prior to depositing into the bin. Batteries generated from workplace activities are accepted – household waste cannot be accepted.

More Resources

The Laurier Sustainability Office coordinates sustainable practices within construction, conversation, energy, food, procurement, transportation, waste, and water through education, operations, and community partnerships.

The EcoHawks an advocacy group within the University Affairs department of the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union. It is our mandate to raise awareness of environmental issues, encourage the development of sustainable living habits of students and work towards limiting the campus’ ecological footprint.

The Sustainability Council is comprised of first year students from across residences that aim to unify Residence Life and the Sustainability Office through creating integrated programming and providing increased access to campus sustainability resources.

The Laurier Sustainability Map highlights important sustainability features and services on campus.

The Laurier Green Guide provides information to new students, staff, and faculty on sustainability resources at the university and in the wider community. It also includes helpful tips on living more sustainably.

The Laurier Building Dashboard virtually displays real-time data of energy consumption for every main building on campus, and features competition modules to encourage conservation between buildings. The dashboard allows users to analyze data for troubleshooting in addition to highlighting our campus green features, providing green tips, weather, and discussion forums.

Student CarShare is a program for all G2 drivers 18 years old and older. Sign up for an account with Student CarShare and you can rent a car located conveniently on both campuses. Rates start at $6/hr and includes your gas and insurance.

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