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Letter from the President and CEO:


During my time here at Wilfrid Laurier University I have closely witnessed the struggle of my fellow undergraduate peers.  There are various scenarios in the life of an undergraduate student where they find themselves in the state of distress. One of these major rising concerns is the financial stress. Students who are unable to receive sufficient financial assistance suffer a great deal.  Inability to make tuition fee payments to university and/or to their respective landlords for their rental accommodations create a zone of continuous stress and anxiety. These stresses and anxieties are related to the fear of either being deregistered from the university and/or to be asked to leave the rental accommodation with no place left to stay.

To resolve these stress full situations among the students we are introducing the Students’ Union Successful Student Applications program, which allows the students to access the need based financial assistance. With the hope of bringing the overarching wellness to our student body and giving them a hope in their times of distresses, fears, and anxieties. When all the other resources are exhausted and no more opportunities are available, this program aims to be a beacon of hope.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another,” Charles Dickens.

Tarique Plummer
President & CEO
Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union


SUSSA Application Criteria:

The funding is solely decided upon the needs assessment. The students who is in situations that are more critical will be given a priority. A good application will include proof of needs, such as holds on accounts, large pending sums on the student account, danger of bankruptcy, insufficient finance to continue daily life expenses such as rent payments, being deregistered solely based upon future non-payments, student has exhausted other options, is not covered by OSAP or any other financial institutions. This application will prioritize the students who have gone through the regular channel of requiring assistance, and had communicated with department of Student Affairs, or Dean of Students office, Service Laurier – Awards, loan opportunities, and other programs. The students who have exhausted all the other resources and still are in need of financial support will be given priority.

Priority will be given to students that demonstrate their involvement in the school, community and in Students’ Union and must have at least a 6.0 GPA.

SUSSA Funds calculating Methodology:

The calculation will be based upon the available funding opportunity at hand and number of applicants applying. It will also be based upon the need of the student. The funding will be targeted to give reasonable relief possible to individual cases. The maximum approval will be for $5000.
Note: This is a one-time help provided by the SU.


SUSSA Guidelines for Applicants:

Students will be required to submit an essay style application in which they clearly indicate the amount of financial support they are looking for up to a maximum of $5000. Why they require this financial assistance and supporting documentation in an appendix to prove their need of financial assistance. Applicants are encouraged to share what their extenuating circumstances are with details that they feel are sufficient to give a general overview of the situation they are in, and their involvement in the community, the university and in Students’ Union and how receiving this financial assistance in will help them flourish in terms of their lives in university and otherwise.

Format specifications: Word document or a PDF will be accepted with, times new roman font size 12, double-spaced. There is no maximum word limit on the application.

Please ensure your name and mylaurier email address are included in your application.

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Students’ Union Successful Student Applications
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