Student Life Levy Applications Due Monday February 5!

Student Life Levy: Helping you bring CHANGE to Laurier

Whether you’re a student at the Brantford or Waterloo campus, ask yourself: What is my campus missing? Is it a new event, facility upgrade or piece of technology perhaps?

As you start to brainstorm ideas, know that the possibilities to enhance your time at Laurier are endless. Most recently, Bridging the Gap brought a Friendship Bench to the Waterloo campus to help start a conversation about mental health.

Other examples include:
The Turret Project (Waterloo)
– Accessible Medicine Garden (Brantford)
A Tribe Called Red Performance (Waterloo)
– Phone Charging Stations (Multi-campus)
These projects all began as concepts, developed by students like you, and were brought to life through the Student Life Levy.

What is the Student Life Levy?
The SSL is a fund that every undergraduate student at Laurier pays into. This money is used to fund special projects that make student life even more enjoyable at Laurier.
– $4.18 fee per 0.5 credit (Brantford)
– $9.28 fee per 0.5 credit (Waterloo)

Who can apply?
Any undergraduate student can submit an application. It takes 10-15 mins to complete the online form.
Fun fact: The Fall 2017 SLL saw 27 applications, with 17 projects funded, totaling $84,679.04 towards innovative projects.

When to apply
Applications are accepted year-round and are reviewed every March, July and November. To have your project idea reviewed in the upcoming session, make sure to submit your application by Monday Feb.5th


  • My project provides increased opportunity for students to engage in activities leading
    to improved personal health and fitness
    ; or
  • My project provides increased opportunity for students to engage each other and their environment in a culture of learning outside of physical classroom space.
  • My project only requires one-time funding.
    (If your project is intended to continue multiple times, it will need to be self-sustaining
    or you’ll need to find alternative funding.)
  • My project doesn’t require salary
    (If salary is a component, it must be for a limited time during the start-up phase of the project and the budget must show financial sustainability.)
  • My project is not a ‘for profit’ project
  • My project is not a trip
  • My project will have an impact on the entire campus or a large percentage of the undergraduate student population

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