Student Fees

Why do I pay fees in addition to tuition?

Ancillary, or “non-tuition” fees can be charged to your account for a few different reasons:

First, there are several fees that are charged on a mandatory basis. Through the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities, the Government of Ontario establishes parameters on what non-tuition fees are considered essential. In broad terms, mandatory non-tuition fees can support:

  • Athletics and recreation
  • Career-related services
  • Student spaces, facilities, and buildings
  • Health and counselling
  • Academic support
  • Student ID cards
  • Administrative costs of student achievement records
  • Financial aid offices
  • Campus safety programs

You pay several mandatory Students’ Union, outlined here.

There are also mandatory Students’ Union fees that are specific to the Brantford or Waterloo campuses.

Similarly, there are a variety of mandatory university administration fees, including those specific to the Brantford and Waterloo campuses.

As a result of the Government of Ontario’s Student Choice Initiative (provincial guidelines), non-tuition fees that fund other initiatives on campus are available for opt-out during these prescribed periods:

  • July 2 – July 25, 2019 for the Fall term
  • Nov. 1 – Nov. 25, 2019 for the Winter term
  • March 1 – March 20, 2020 for the Spring term

Fees available for opt-out include those that support the Students’ Union, university administration initiatives, and other third party groups vital to Laurier’s renowned student experience.

Why pay optional fees?

Prior to January 2019, the majority of all non-tuition fees were mandatory. Each year, undergraduate students can propose new fees through the Students’ Union referendum process, enabling a democratic process for approving levies. While this process remains, the provincial government has now limited students’ ability to determine what fees are mandatory.

Regardless of the opt-out option, the Students’ Union emphasizes the importance of all non-tuition ancillary fees. We know that the student experience extends well beyond your time in the classroom. The system of non-tuition fees that has been established reflects the varied needs of a well-rounded university experience. We are committed to an affordable and accessible post-secondary education, but believe that the value added from these additional fees will transform your educational journey by emphasizing experiential learning, leadership development, and a community building social life.


Other fees:

Finally, other fees you may encounter include administrative fees for service (e.g. convocation fees, athletic facility amenities, graduate application fees, and late registration charges), and fees charged for ancillary services (e.g. parking, residence, and meal plans).