Student Fees

** Updated Fee Schedule coming soon pending approval at June 2019 Board of Governors meeting.**

In addition to tuition, students pay a series of additional fees. According to guidelines established by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, these compulsory non-tuition related fees can only be established or changed according to student referendum, existing agreements, or according to the Protocol Agreement on Non Tuition Fees (an agreement between Wilfrid Laurier University, the Students’ Union, and the Graduate Students’ Association).

Compulsory non-tuition related fees are paid by all undergraduate students, with the exception of those fees specific to the Brantford or Waterloo campuses, or those fees only applicable to students enrolled in certain faculties or programs.



Student Administrative Council Fee

Provides support to the operation of the Students’ Union, including student representation, services and programs.

Health Plan

Charged annually in the fall term providing coverage for one year from September 1 to August 31.

NOTE: An opt-out is available with proof of alternate coverage

Dental Plan

Charged annually in the fall term providing coverage for one year from September 1 to August 31.

NOTE: An opt-out is available with proof of alternate coverage

Brantford Student Centre Building Fee
(Brantford students only)

Supports the cost of operating and maintaining the Student Centre in Brantford.


Waterloo Student’s Union Building Fee (Waterloo students only)

Supports the cost of operating and maintaining the Fred Nichols Campus Centre in Waterloo.


Orientation and Transition Fee

Implemented in February 2018 as a three-year pilot project, this fee funds registration webinars, the Headstart program, Online Summer Orientation, and Orientation Week activities.


Provincial Advocacy Fee

Funds the Students’ Union’s influential provincial advocacy efforts, including initiatives supported by the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance.

Students’ Union Essential Services Fee

Funds three different entities on campus: Foot Patrol, which is a safe walk program used to escort students to and from campus by foot or by van; an Emergency Response Team, which provides advanced first aid; and the campus Food Bank, utilized by students in need of assistance.


Comprehensive Student Services Fee

The Comprehensive Student Services fee represents a 50% contribution to the Student Services budget on all Wilfrid Laurier University campuses. The Student Affairs Administrative Agreement ensures that University matches this contribution, and student representatives constitute 50% of the Student Affairs Advisory Committee’s voting membership, which makes budgetary decisions. The services covered by this fee include the Office of the Dean of Students, Student Awards, Wellness and Career Centres, Athletics and Recreation, International Student Advisor, students in Accessible Learning, Chaplains, and the Diversity and Equity office.


Copyright Fee

Grants Laurier the right to reproduce copyright works for the purposes of education, research and higher learning.


Enhancement of Student Life Levy

The Student Life Levy fee supports special projects intended to enhance student life. Any undergraduate student can submit an application for funding as long as their project provides increased opportunities for activities leading to improved personal health and fitness, or enables students to engage their peers and their environment in a culture of learning outside the physical classroom space. Previous projects include an Indigenous Maker Workshop, financial literacy resources, the Turret renovation, Athletic Complex bleacher replacement, the Empowering Students to Prevent Gendered Violence project, and the Concourse Revitalization project.




 Laurier Brantford Athletic Complex Fee (only Brantford students)

Funds the creation of the new Laurier Brantford Athletic Complex.

This fee will be assessed until April 2023.

Sustainability Fee

Funds the operation of the Laurier Sustainability Office, which is committed to environmental awareness and action on campus and beyond through engagement, projects, and programming.



Undergraduate Faculty Association Fee: Non-LSBE students

Funds resources for faculty-based student clubs and events.


Undergraduate Faculty Association Fee: Lazaridis SBE students

Funds resources for faculty-based student clubs and events.


PRISM Resources (Lazaridis School of Business and Economics students’ fee)

Prism Resources is a service that exists to aid the students of the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics. Prism provides equipment rentals (MacBook Pros, DSLR cameras, and more), training courses (for programs such as Bloomberg, Nielsen, and Adobe Illustrator), and study spaces for Prism members.

NOTE: An opt-out is available through the Prism Customer Service Desk  in LH1014 by the second week of the applicable term.


Music Student Activity Fee (Waterloo Faculty of Music students only)

Funds enhanced programming and services to students in the Faculty of Music, and supports the student concert series in the Maureen Forrester Recital Hall. 

Laurier Brantford Faculty Association Fees (Brantford students only)

Funds faculty and program student associations that provide resources for student clubs and events. (Includes the Criminology Fee, Journalism Guild Fee, and Leadership Program Fee).

Technology Fee (Faculty of Education)




Bus Pass (UPass)

 Brant Transit (Brantford)

Available terms include Fall (September 1 – December 31), and Winter (January 1 – April 30).

 Grand River Transit (Waterloo)

Provides unlimited travel on Grand River Transit during THE TERM THE FEE IS PAID.

Available terms include Fall (September 1 – December 31), Winter (January 1 – April 30), and Spring/Summer (May 1 – August 31).

Laurier Student Public Interest Research Group (LSPIRG) Fee

Funds an incorporated not-for-profit organization that helps develop advocacy tools, avenues for action, and community oriented research projects to raise awareness on a range of social and environmental justice issues.




Student Publication Fee

Covers all operating costs for Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications (WLUSP)


World University Service of Canada (WUSC) Fee

WUSC-World University Services of Canada–   is a leading Canadian non-profit organization in international development, committed to building a more equitable and sustainable world. WUSC works with post-secondary institutions in Canada to provide education, employment and empowerment opportunities that improve the lives of millions of disadvantaged youth around the world.

The WUSC Student Refugee Program has been helping young refugees achieve their dreams for over 30 years, providing hope, resources and access to post-secondary education at Canadian universities.

More than 1200 former refugees have been sponsored by the program. For stories on their experiences see

At Laurier, the WUSC Student Refugee Program (SRP), to which every student contributes $4 a term to support 9 (6 in Waterloo and 3 in Brantford) students to pursue their university education at Laurier.  The program is led by a Student Committees on both campuses that support the SRP students in their transition and integration to Laurier. The Local Committees undertake a variety of activities– everything from raising money for overseas development to advocating for the Millennium Development Goals (  to sponsoring student refugees.

The stories of the SRP students at Laurier are those of families from Rwanda, Somalia and Sudan, Malawai, and Syria  who fled war in their countries to find safety in some of the world’s largest refugee camps in Kenya and Uganda. Through the efforts of the United Nation’s High Commission for Refugees, these students were supported in their efforts to educate themselves and were chosen for the opportunities to come to Canada. The Laurier program has existed for over 17 years.

Ayiko Solmon, a graduate of Laurier was recently featured:

Hippolyte Mugisha  graduated in Spring 2015

Information on the WLU WUSC program is available on Facebook at


International Students Overcoming War Scholarship Fund

Fund enables students from international conflict zones to study at Wilfrid Laurier University where they will be equipped to help restore their home communities.


To reference your fees you can also visit the Laurier Incidental Fees page.