A Statement from the Students’ Union – December 11


WATERLOO/BRANTFORD – The Students’ Union and Graduate Students’ Association are pleased with the Wilfrid Laurier University Senate’s decision this morning to provide undergraduate and graduate students with the option to convert up to 0.5 credits in the Fall 2020 term from the letter grade to a “credit” (CR) format without requiring a petition.

“We have been hearing loud and clear from students that the Fall 2020 term has been nothing short of extraordinary for students, faculty, and staff, one filled with challenges and innovations in light of the pandemic,” said Brandon Vale, Student Senator. “We would like to thank students for sharing their concerns and suggestions with us, and are pleased that the Senate recognized the extraordinary challenges students have faced by approving a compassionate grading plan for the Fall 2020 term.”

The transition to remote academic delivery has not been easy for students, staff, or faculty. We acknowledge the additional stressors of online learning, including increased workloads and social isolation, which only exacerbate existing mental health concerns. “Since the beginning of this pandemic, our students, much like our staff and faculty, have shown extreme resiliency,” said Devyn Kelly, Students’ Union President. “The decision to implement compassionate grading for the Fall 2020 semester will give students some stability and peace of mind as we enter final exam season.” Further, with the inclusion of a compassionate grading option for graduate students, Graduate Students’ Association President Kathy Bazinet believes that “Laurier is recognizing the burden of those students struggling to balance coursework on top of other teaching and academic responsibilities.”

We want to acknowledge the swift and effective advocacy of undergraduate and graduate student Senators, who championed this action on behalf of their respective student populations. The Students’ Union and Graduate Students’ Association and thank the student Senators for working collaboratively with us on this issue, and for being active participants in the governance process. We remain hopeful that the further review of this accommodation at the Senate Academic Planning Committee in the new year will result in a permanent Laurier policy on the CR grade option.


Wilfrid Laurier University Students' Union