A Statement from the Students’ Union – November 18

Update on Remote Proctoring and Exam Guidelines

The Students’ Union would like to first thank the students who shared their concerns about remote proctoring and online learning. We heard consistently that the Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor imposes a culture of suspicion, is a perceived invasion of privacy, and inhibits important academic exam success strategies.

It is clear that a tension remains between academic freedom and the student experience. The imperative to prioritize academic integrity with this particular tool has resulted in legitimate access issues related to the technological requirements, and an excessive compliance burden ranging from the use of mirrors to scrutinizing the most subtle of eye movements.

We appreciate Wilfrid Laurier University’s recent efforts to create a common set of guidelines for the use of remote proctoring, however we reiterate our opposition to the use of Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor. If faculty remain committed to the use of remote proctoring, we ask that students be provided the ability to request an alternative assessment option.

The Students’ Union will continue to advocate for this accommodation, and if you need any assistance navigating the appeals process related to a remote proctored exam please contact sufeedback@wlu.ca