A Statement from the Students’ Union Operations Team – February 16

Today, the Students’ Union is launching an awareness campaign to collect student testimonials that put into stark terms how punitive remote proctoring is, and how it diminishes the online learning experience.

While the Students’ Union understands the need to mitigate incidents of academic misconduct, we firmly believe remote proctoring tools put broad assumptions of bad behaviour ahead of good pedagogy. Wilfrid Laurier University’s recent efforts to create a common set of guidelines for the use of remote proctoring and the continued over-reliance on Respondus Lockdown and Monitor overlooks legitimate student concerns about privacy, access to technology, and a reliable internet connection. 

Since the onset of the global pandemic we’ve worked collaboratively with the University on this issue, including as participants with the Working Group for Remote and Online Assessment. However, a tension remains between academic freedom and the student experience. We recognize that students are not satisfied, and we want to give a voice to that frustration.

Between February 16 and March 1, the Students’ Union will be collecting student testimony that showcases concerns about Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor. Please share your Lockdown Browser “horror story” here

These testimonies will be kept completely anonymous, but it is important to share firsthand accounts of the problematic nature of remote proctoring. The Students’ Union will be presenting the results of this campaign and related student testimony to the Vice President: Academic Anthony Vannelli, faculty, and professors. We hope that by taking these stories directly to faculty members, they will be forced to re-evaluate their assumptions about the remote learning environment.

If you need any assistance navigating the appeals process related to a remote proctored exam or have any further questions about the campaign, please contact sufeedback@wlu.ca