Turn Your Dreams into Realities – Apply for the Student Life Levy

The Student Life Levy (SLL) funds ideas to better the undergraduate student experiences at both the Waterloo and Brantford campuses. The SLL supports one-time projects and are funded through your undergraduate student fees, with applications accepted from Laurier students, faculty and staff. This is YOUR chance to have a say in the direction where your fees are spent.

The SLL has supported over 30 years of projects, totalling approximately $10 million. To give you an idea, and hopefully inspire you to apply, Anthony Massi, Director, Brantford Operations, details one of the successful projects:

“Tim, the 2015-16 Foot Patrol coordinator, submitted an application for a replacement van for Brantford’s Foot Patrol. He felt the project was a priority based on his experiences on-campus, and felt it would provide a safer community for Laurier students. The application went to the committee – a group of Laurier leaders from various departments that represent student membership.”

After consideration from the committee, Tim’s application was approved for $5,000 in November 2015. With support from Brantford Toyota, the Foot Patrol was purchased and has been in operation for Laurier Brantford students since April 2016.


To put this into perspective: the Foot Patrol van project was brought forward by a student, approved by students and funded by students, for students. Visit the Laurier Alumni site for other successful past projects.

If you have an idea, we strongly encourage you to connect with to one of our Students’ Union team members:

Submitting your idea for the SLL can results in positive change for students. Visit the SLL site for details on the application process and past projects. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, October 25th!