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Volunteering on the Hiring & Recruitment Committee is a great way to get Human Resource experience in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Hiring Volunteers mark applications, conduct interviews, and provide support to students looking to enhance their applications. They are unbiased and fair members of the hiring panel. It is thanks to the dedication of these volunteers the WLU Students’ Union is able to hire volunteers. You will organize workshops, run the Get Involved campaigns, and creatively promote WLU Students’ Union opportunities to Laurier students. There is no better way to get in on the groundwork of WLU Students’ Union or acquire hands-on human resources experience.



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Waterloo Contacts

Sarah Brophy
Hiring & Recruitment Co-Coordinator
Office: Waterloo
Lily Thong
Hiring & Recruitment Co-Coordinator
Office: Waterloo

Brantford Contacts

Aruthi Paramasamy
Hiring & Recruitment Coordinator
Office: Brantford