Outreach Committee

The Outreach committee is tasked with creating relationships with students, developing a fluent two-way dialogue, and acting as representatives for the University Affairs department at the student level. We run educational campaigns to inform students about issues they may encounter in their time as a university student. The Outreach committee devises creative strategies and strives to push the boundaries in reaching out to all Laurier students to create awareness of the research that has been completed and any advocacy outcomes that have been obtained.

Waterloo Contacts

Outreach Coordinator – Waterloo
Outreach Coordinator - Waterloo
Office: Waterloo
Owen Bourrie
AVP University Affairs (Waterloo)
519.884.0710 x 4567
Office: Waterloo

Brantford Contacts

Outreach Coordinator – Brantford
Outreach Coordinator - Brantford
Office: Brantford
Brook Snider
AVP University Affairs (Brantford)
519.756.8228 x 5527
Office: Brantford