Food Bank

Food Bank

The Food Bank aims to help undergraduate students dealing with food insecurity. Food insecurity refers to the inability to acquire or consume a balanced diet that is of adequate quality and quantity. This can oftentimes create challenges sustaining one’s wellbeing: physically, mentally, and academically. This service offers a completely free parcel service that operates throughout the full calendar year, providing 5 parcels per term that accommodate all dietary restrictions and typically last a week or more.


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Click to find resources and ideas to help meal plan and stock your kitchen, on a budget!


Laurier Food Bank also offers programming and events, visit our Instagram pages for more information:



Waterloo Contacts

Jie-Soo Park
Food Bank Coordinator
Office: Waterloo
Tyron Thomas
VP Student Services (Waterloo)
519.884.0710 x 3436
Office: Waterloo

Brantford Contacts

Committee – Food Bank Coordinator – Brantford
Sarah Verberg
Food Bank Coordinator
Office: Brantford
Joshua Smith
VP Programming & Services (Brantford)
519.756.8228 x 5830
Office: Brantford