Run for Election

Run for Election

Elections Information

Elections happen every year in February. This is where students select their major representatives for the following school year. These positions include:

  • Students’ Union President & CEO
  • Students’ Union Board of Directors
  • Wilfrid Laurier University Senate
  • Wilfrid Laurier University Board of Governors

The best fit for these positions are students who are passionate about their education and their Laurier community. These positions offer a chance to offer real change that positively effects the student body.

Position Descriptions

President & CEO

The President & CEO oversees all operations of the Laurier Students’ Union as well as regularly works with key university and community personnel to advocate on behalf of all undergraduate students.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversee’s the President & CEO of the Students’ Union and ensures that he or she is acting in a manner that advocates for students and is properly utilizing the fees collected by the Union in a manner that enhances student life.

There are 12 spots on the Board of Directors for undergraduate students.


The Senate engages a wide range of activities that involve the academic operation of the university. Members of the Senate can make recommendations to the Board of Governors related to matters about the use of University money that is involved in modifying academic units (i.e. starting a new faculty or department).

There are seven students elected to the Senate by the undergraduate students, with one spot reserved for a Brantford student.

WLU Senate Website

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors oversees the property and revenues of the university and conducts their business and affairs. They have a hand in the planning and implementation of the physical development of the University as well as establish the fees and charges for tuition and services offered by the University and much more.

Two undergraduate students are elected to the Board of Governors

Board of Governors Website

What Do I Need to Do?

Start Now

Just because campaigning starts in January, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start thinking about elections now. Take some time and talk to some of the members of the organization you’re interested in. Ask them questions about their position to get a feel for what you can expect should you be elected. Find out what the responsibilities of the position are. A well informed candidate is better than an ill informed candidate!

Use Your Resources

As the election period gets closer, there will be a series of information sessions that will help you get a better understanding of the roles open for election, your responsibilities as a candidate, and what to expect during the campaign period. Each session will have current student representatives on hand to answer any questions regarding these open positions. While these aren’t mandatory, these sessions act as a guide to the expectations of the election process and role.

Further Reading

Below are the nomination packages for this year’s elections. They can give you a good idea of what you can expect from the election process and what will be expected during the campaign process. Also, these packages offer full descriptions of the positions that you will have the opportunity to run for.

Who Can I Talk to About Elections?

We understand that talking to someone in person can be more beneficial and as a result we have several contacts for all of your election questions and inquiries.

Our Assistant Chief Returning Officer (ACRO), Bianca, is available to talk about the elections process or what you’ll need to get started. Hit her up at

Colin is our current Chair of the Board of Directors. He’s also able to take your questions – and he’s been through the elections process a couple of times himself. Reach out to him at

Nomination Packages for 2016 Elections

Students’ Union President & CEO and Board of Directors Nomination Package

WLU Senate  & Board of Governors Nomination Package

Election and Referenda Policies

Party Chair Nomination Package 

past election results

View 2016 Election results here.
View 2015 Election results here.
View 2014 Election results here.

Statement of Accessibility Commitment

The Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union is committed to achieving barrier free accessibility for our visitors, customers, members and employees. We are dedicated to accessibility within our recruitment and hiring processes and therefore offer accommodations throughout. Please contact Shawna Wey, Human Resources Generalist, if you require accommodations for any of our recruitment opportunities by e-mail or phone 519-884-0710 extension 3967.