Here are some frequently asked questions about the Programming & Services departments


  • Orientation Week
    • Orientation Week provides students with the opportunity to transition into the university life by providing a unique balance of both social and academic programming.
    • Orientation Week also provides students with the chance to meet new people both in and out of their program, interact with staff and faculty, and become comfortable navigating campus and the university as a whole.
  • Volunteer Opportunities
    • Programming & Services provide students with many opportunities to volunteer in a variety of levels of commitment
    • Our volunteering opportunities allow students to interact with their peers outside of the classroom
    • Students are able to develop as leaders and as professionals through their roles within the Students’ Union with opportunities like training and skill enhancement through participation
  • Services
    • Foot Patrol: a student-run safe-walk program run during the evening hours of the school year.
    • Food Bank: provides confidential food deliveries throughout the year supporting the dietary and nutritional needs of Laurier students
  • Committees
    • First Year Integration
      • First Year Integration is a committee of upper year student leaders who focus on getting first year students from residence and LOCUS out to events. Every month, volunteers will be assigned events to promote to first year students and will be attending as well! First Year Integration ensures that first year students will always have a familiar face at the events.
    • Snow Week
      • Similar to Orientation Week but for the winter semester on the Brantford campus! Snow Week includes five days programmed full of games and competition. Teams of 10 students battle it out in a test of skills in order to win the Snow Week cup! The Snow Week team works hard to plan fun and engaging events to test your skills and teamwork!
    • Hawk Team
      • Hawk Team is a student-run committee that provides daytime entertainment, includes alternative programming such as bi-weekly trivia nights as well as campus wide competitions on the Brantford campus. In the past they have run Survivor, the Amazing Race and Big Brother!


What is Orientation Week?

  • Orientation Week is a week full of programming for first year students which is aimed to introduce students to the Laurier community by learning about all the campus resources, preparing them for academics as well as finding out how to get involved
  • Students are split up into 4 colour teams who compete for points and there is one ultimate Orientation Week colour team winner

How can I get involved in Orientation Week?

  • In the month of March, the Students’ Union hires a team of 500+ Orientation Week volunteers who assist in executing Orientation Week in multiple facets
  • An Icebreaker is a Students’ Union volunteer who is assigned a first year student community to lead through Orientation Week. They are upper year mentors who will act as a resource for students not only throughout Orientation Week, but also the whole year
  • Committees such as Shinerama, Ecohawks, Peer Connect, A-Team, Food Bank, ERT and Foot Patrol all are a part of Orientation Week as well through promoting their services and helping to execute the events

Are there committees specific to first year students?

  • First Year Project is a committee comprised of around 13 first year student executive who plan events and campaigns tailored specifically to first year students’ interests
  • A-Team (Activities Team) hires 2 first year executives called “rookies” to plan large scale events
  • All Programming & Services committees open for hiring in the fall term and first year students are encouraged to apply

I like event planning, what should I get involved in?

  • Programming Committees include:
    • A-Team (Activities Team)
      • Plan large scale events Laurier students. Events span from concerts on campus to Euchre Nights, to bringing video game consoles to campus and campus-wide competitions of manhunt
    • First Year Project
      • Comprised of around 13 first year student executive who plan events and campaigns tailored specifically to first year students’ interests
    • Winter Carnival
      • Week long of events, competitions and programs to kick off the winter semester where teams of 20-40 compete

I am passionate about mental health initiatives and wellbeing, what should I get involved in?

  • Peer Connect is a committee focussed on mental health awareness and education. They run campaigns and events centralized around mental health initiatives. Events include bringing speakers to campus, creating stress-kits for students and providing journals for student to write positive notes about each other in
  • Healthy Lifestyles is a committee focussed on the physical wellbeing of students by providing education, training and support to students. They run events/campaigns related to safe alcohol consumption, sexual consent, stress relief and physical health

I am interested in sustainability and passionate about the environment, what should I get involved in?

  • Ecohawks is a committee that focusses on promoting sustainable practices to Laurier students and strives to keep campus clean and eco-friendly

I’m wondering what tangible benefits I get from my student dollars that fund the Students’ Union?

  • There are 3 essential services in the Programming & Services department:
    • Food Bank
      • Students can request food parcels if they are in financial need or are just too busy to go for groceries, for free!
    • Emergency Response Team
      • Shifting service that responds to situations in which medical attention is required spanning from simple situations such as wrapping a sprained ankle or providing a band aid to serious emergencies
    • Foot Patrol
      • Safe-walk home program where volunteers in pairs will walk a student home, or provide them a ride home if they live 2km or more away from campus

Do I have to volunteer within the Programming & Services department to be attend events or campaigns?

  • Programming and Services committees provide events and campaigns for all Laurier students regardless of if they are a volunteer

What kind of transferable experience would I get from volunteering in this department?

  • Wide array of skills including event planning, management of a team, facilitating meetings, managing large budgets, creating relationships with university staff and departments, etc.