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Elections will take place January 28, 29 & 30, 2020.

This is where undergraduate students select their major representatives for the following school year. The best fit for these positions are students who are passionate about their education and their Laurier community. These positions offer a chance to offer real change that positively affects the student body.


Students will vote in for the 2020-2021 school year:

  • Students’ Union President & CEO (read candidate platform summaries here)

    The President & CEO oversees all operations of the Laurier Students’ Union as well as regularly works with key university and community personnel to advocate on behalf of all undergraduate students.

  • Students’ Union Board of Directors (read candidate platform summaries here)

    The Board of Directors oversee’s the President & CEO of the Students’ Union and ensures that he or she is acting in a manner that advocates for students and is properly utilizing the fees collected by the Union in a manner that enhances student life. There are 12 spots on the Board of Directors for undergraduate students.

  • Wilfrid Laurier University Senate (read candidate platform summaries here)

    The Senate engages a wide range of activities that involve the academic operation of the university. Members of the Senate can make recommendations to the Board of Governors related to matters about the use of University money that is involved in modifying academic units (i.e. starting a new faculty or department).

  • Wilfrid Laurier University Board of Governors (read candidate platform summaries here)

    The Board of Governors oversees the property and revenues of the university and conducts their business and affairs. They have a hand in the planning and implementation of the physical development of the University as well as establish the fees and charges for tuition and services offered by the University and much more. Two undergraduate students are elected to the Board of Governors.


#LaurierVotes Events:

All 2020 #LaurierVotes Open Forums and Presidential Debates are moderated and livestreamed by Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications

Open Forum: January 15 @ 9 AM in RCW (Brantford); Livestream: Presidential Candidates, Livestream: Board of Directors (Group #1), Livestream: Board of Directors (Group #2 – video 1), Board of Directors (Group #2 – video 2), Livestream: Senate
January 22 @ 3 PM in Concourse (Waterloo)

Presidential Debate: 
January 17@ 3 PM in RCW (Brantford); Livestream: Presidential Debate: Part ILivestream: Presidential Debate: Part II
January 27th @ 4 PM in Concourse (Waterloo)

Candidates Night: January 27th @ 10 PM in Wilf’s (Waterloo); this is an informal meet and greet night for students to meet candidates

Voting Days: January 28th, 29th, 30th, 2020

Results Night: January 30th @ 9 PM at Wilf’s (Waterloo)


Printable 2020 Elections Calendar


Nomination Packages 2020:

Board of Directors

Board of Governors

President & CEO


2020 Elections Policy

2020 Referendum Policy


2020 Info Sessions:

Tuesday December 3rd @ 10:00 PM
Students’ Union Boardroom (Waterloo) & Student Centre Boardroom (Brantford)
Info Session Video

Thursday December 5th @ 10:00 PM
Students’ Union Boardroom (Waterloo) & Student Centre Boardroom (Brantford)
Info Session Video

Friday December 6th @ 4:30 PM
Student Centre Boardroom (Brantford)


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Emily Fraser
Chief Returning Officer
Office: Waterloo
Fatima Khan
Deputy Returning Officer
Office: Brantford