Question of the Week – March 3

How do I take a virtual walk with Foot Patrol?

You can now take a virtual walk with Foot Patrol, Monday-Friday from 7pm-1am!

This service is newly available in Laurier’s SAFEHawk App under the Foot Patrol menu item. You can request to take a Virtual Walk within 2km of campus during the times listed above and a Foot Patrol volunteer will monitor your path to make sure you arrive safely at your destination by tracking your phone location in real time. If there is an emergency you can connect directly with SCS in the app, or if anything unusual happens on your walk a volunteer may give you a call to check in that you’re okay.

How can you use this service?
1. Make sure you’ve updated your app recently. There may be a pop up asking you to update to new settings which you should tap to accept.
2. Make sure you have a cellular connection and data on when on your walk. Turn your ringer on so you can answer a call if a volunteer tries to check in.
3. Complete your MySafeHawk profile with your name and phone number so we can reach you.
4. Tap Start Foot Patrol Virtual Walk and wait for a volunteer to accept your request. Remember this is available weekday evenings, and you must be within a 2km range of campus!
5. Set your destination on the map so we know where you’re headed.
6. Start walking! (Remember to end your walk when you arrive at your destination 😊)



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