2021 Students’ Union Elections Platforms: President & CEO

Presidential Candidates


Pegah Jamalof


I am Pegah Jamalof, better known as PJ! I am a fourth-year student double majoring in Political Science and Sociology. I am running for your SU president. I have two primary objectives; implementing new mental health resources and furthering communication regarding available resources. Secondly, I understand how prevalent the environment is and that, unfortunately, our generation is burdened with the responsibility to ensure sustainable resolutions are formed for future generations. I recognize that the main job is to best advocate on behalf of the student’s interests. Therefore, a large portion of my platform explains my goals and how I will best advocate implementing them. Given my experience as both a member of the Board of Governors and the Senate, I have a unique advantage to represent students like no other president in recent years. For more information on my platform, check out my website: www.votepj2021.com 

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Joseph (Joey) Small


“The Laurier community is basically dead this year.”

I heard those words in November from my former Residence student, one of the most optimistic first-years I’ve known across my time at Laurier. Students across Waterloo and Brantford, regardless of association, echo this sentiment with righteous fury towards the Students’ Union.

Goldenhawks deserve better.

If the political climate of 2020 has demonstrated anything, it is that an experienced Joe at the helm may help a damaged community to settle the mood and seal the wounds.

I would like to be that Joe, for Laurier, in 2021.

Healing the Laurier Spirit demands adaptive planning and straight talk with students. Among other goals, my administration will: 

  • Revive former President Tarique Plummer’s monthly progress checklists and Diversity & Equity Initiative
  • Redevelop a centralized online platform (effectively, the Perch) for clearer club/association marketing
  • Reduce the WLUSU website’s clutter
  • Revolutionize O-Week programming in preparation for post-lockdown


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