For Parents

Transition to University Life

Welcome parents and guardians of new Laurier Golden Hawks!

Your student is beginning a new stage of life, and it is very exciting time. Your role in the transition is incredibly valuable, and we understand parents and guardians are a major source of support regardless of whether your student continues to live with you at home or is living away from home.

This is also a period of transition for you as this is a time of change, and the relationship you have with your student will adjust and refine in new ways. With more responsibility and independence, both inside and outside the classroom, your student will be making important decisions, balancing workload, and developing as an adult.

We’ve put together a brief overview of the programs and services that the Students’ Union provides for your student. Familiarize yourself with what we do and encourage your student to do so as well. Making use of what the Students’ Union provides is a great way to forge lasting relationships that help ease the transition to university life.

Students’ Union Services

All students are automatically members of the Students’ Union which gives them access to great services like our safe walk program, student food bank, peer help line and more. You can learn about all the programs and services available on our services section.

Students’ Union Member Benefits

All students are enrolled in a mandatory benefits package on a yearly basis. Those with proof of alternative health and dental coverage may opt out of these benefits and be reimbursed for the associated fees.


  • Health Plan (optional opt-out available)
  • Dental Plan (optional opt-out available)
  • Prescription Delivery (available for all students regardless of health coverage)

Students who are already covered under their parent’s plan or by their employer can combine their coverage packages for additional coverage. The health and dental plans are offered at very low rate – even just one claim at a $100 value makes it worth staying on the plan.



If you have any questions about the Students’ Union or Laurier, reach out to our Director of Student experience, or the Dean of Students of your student’s campus.

Jason Verhoeve

Student Experience Director, Students’ Union  |  519.884.0710 x2605

Adam Lawrence

Dean of Students – Brantford Campus  |  519.756.8228 x5644

Leanne Holland Brown

Dean of Students – Waterloo Campus | 519.884.0710 x3704