You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

See below for a series of Frequently Asked Questions, specifically pertaining to Laurier Brantford!
For a full list of Waterloo campus’ FAQs, click here

Do you have classes the same time as exam period?

Nope! Midterm exams typically take place in class, and separate final exams all take place within a couple week window. If you have more than 2 exams in one day, make sure you complete the form found here.

How do you pay your tuition?

The same way you would go to the bank to pay a bill, you can get assistance at your financial institution to set up Wilfrid Laurier University to receive money. Then, you can just pay the sum of tuition. Don’t forget to opt out of health and dental afterwards if you’re covered somewhere else, though!

How do I opt out of the Undergraduate Health and Dental plan?

Opting out of the health and dental plan results in a reimbursement on your tuition balance, and must be done online. Opt Out Period is from August 1, 2018 – September 21, 2018.

Click here to learn more about your Undergraduate Health and Dental Plan.

What kinds of incidental fees am I paying for?

A complete list of incidental fees broken down by campus and program can be found here.

What are all the building codes?

RCW – Research and Academic Centre West

RCE – Research and Academic Centre East

GRH – Grand River Hall

OD – Odeon

MDC – Market Darling Centre

DC – Dalhousie Centre

SCJ – S.C. Johnson Building

CB – Carnegie Building

DAL – 97 Dalhousie st

How do I get involved in my first year?

There are lots of options for first year students! The Wilfrid Laurier Students’ Union has an array of committees and clubs to take part in, or you could start a club of your own. There are also various residence councils, RAC (Residence Athletic Council), BRC (Brantford Residence Council), intermurals and extramurals, and more! Check out our website and follow our social media accounts to keep up to date on opportunities with the Students’ Union!

How do I find out who my roommate is? Is that in the email?

Your residence email will contain your building and room number, however due to security reasons it cannot contain the names of your roommates. It is up to you to use social media (most popular is Facebook) to connect with your roommates. There will typically be a Facebook group created specific to your graduating year.

What should I bring with me each day to O-Week events?

You should bring a refillable water bottle, as there will be water “hydration stations!” Wear comfortable footwear and cool clothes. Bring stuff to protect you from the sun like a hat or sunglasses, don’t forget to wear your white O-Week shirt every single day, and bring that excitement and energy, too! Bringing some money and your student card can’t hurt either!

What is LOCUS? How do I get involved if I live off campus?

LOCUS stands for Laurier Off Campus University Students. The LOCUS program works specifically to support off-campus first year students connect to their university community. LOCUS uses events, mentors, and opportunities to involve off-campus students!

Where are good campus study spaces?

There are a plethora of study spaces to use on campus. Many students gravitate to the Students’ Union building, on the corner of George St and Darling St. The first floor lounge is typically used for louder group work, and the second floor lounge is for silent study. There is also the MPR (Multi-Purpose Room) in the basement to use! Students also study in Williams located in the Market Square mall, their residence lounge should there be one available, or Carnegie basement that is reserved for LOCUS students. Grand River Hall has a massive study space in it’s basement that is exceptionably quiet, and even has a couple isolated spaces for absolute silence.

What’s the nearest shopping mall?

The nearest shopping mall in Brantford is Lynden Park Mall. You can get there using your Student One Card on the Brantford Transit. Routes 4A and 4C connect to Lyden Park Mall!

What is a One Card and what’s included in it?

Your Student One Card includes the sum of money for your meal plan that can be used at a variety of places such as: Fresh Co, Williams Fresh Café, Boston Pizza, the Works, and Sunset Grill to name a few! You can also use the Brantford Transit with it. It will give you access to the Students’ Union building after 5pm as well.

Campus jobs?

There are always lots of different job opportunities on and around campus. Usually in the spring, the Stedman Community Bookstore and the Hawk Desk hire new employees for the next school year. Golden Grounds in RCW hires new employees often. Other options include Williams Fresh Café, the U-Desk in the Students’ Union building, Tim Hortons, and other establishments on campus.

Be sure to check out the Students’ Union website to keep up to date!

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