You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Have a million questions about entering university, academic work loads and social life at Laurier but don’t even know where to start?! Well you have come to the right place, below are multiple questions that very first year student has become coming to university!

For a full list of Brantford campus’ FAQs, click here.

When is move in day and where do I find out all the information about it?

Move in day this year is happening on September 2nd and 3rd and the residence building you get assigned will determine what day you move in. Building information comes out late July to early August and is sent to your mylaurier email so have that set up and be checking it regularly as you will be receiving important emails about the fall this summer! A blog post all about move in day will be released in late August so be sure to check that out for specific move-in day questions!

What is LOCUS and how do I get involved in it?

LOCUS stands for Laurier Off Campus University Students and is a program to support students living off campus and to provide them with the same experiences as students living on campus. Just like a residence floor a student that registers for LOCUS is put into a community of 25-30 students that are in the same academic program and is assigned an upper year residence life don that plans events for the students and is there to help first years navigate life at Laurier. During orientation week, all LOCUS students are automatically assigned a community for free and if they wish to continue with LOCUS after orientation week registration for the year is only $85 and gives students access to LOCUS events, the first-year leadership program and a LOCUS don.

What is the LOCUS First-Year Leadership Program?

Since LOCUS falls under Laurier’s Residence Education department it is included in all the first-year leadership programs just like a student that lives on-campus. This means that LOCUS students get to partake in formals, LOCUS house council, intramurals, and much more.

What is House Council?

House Council acts like a student council for your residence building, the council consists of a president, three board of directors, a community representative from each floor, and one representative from each on campus council (Community Outreach, Diversity and Equity, RAC, Arts Laurier, Upgrade, and Sustainability). Together, this council provides events and programming for the students within the building. Some of these events include, haunted houses, movie nights, coffee houses, sport tournaments, etc. Being on your residence house council is a great way to get to know people in your building from other floors and also to get to know the other dons working within your building.

What is Hawk Weekend?

Hawk weekend is a program run by the residence department and is for first year students. It is a weekend where students from different residence buildings compete for the winning title of the weekend! This weekend is usually run in the first half of second semester!

Where are good study spaces on campus?

There are tons of good study places on campus it all depends on what study spaces you prefer, if you are looking for quiet places to study the quietest place would be the 7th floor of the library. One of our favorite places to study on campus if looking for a quiet place is the solarium. The solarium is the windowed room off the concourse that has tons of comfy chairs to study in, and an added bonus to this spot is that it is always warm! A truly great spot to study in the winter and to pull all-nighters in. However, when I want to study in a more social atmosphere I love to study in either the concourse or the science atrium, both of these spots have tons of space and whenever you go you are likely to run into tons of your friends either studying or heading to class. An added bonus to both of these spaces is that there is a Tim Hortons located in the science atrium and a Starbucks in the concourse so there is always a coffee close by! Another great place to study is the 24 Hour Lounge – located right outside of the Students’ Union on the second floor of the Fred Nichols Campus Centre.

How do I get involved in my first year?

There are many ways to get involved in your first year, during orientation week there is a huge get involved fair that happens on alumni field (weather depending). At the fair, all the clubs and committees around campus come out and you can go up and talk to people in the club you are interested in. Another way is to keep your eyes peeled in the accepted 2022 Facebook group because this is where most clubs post that they are hiring. A way that I was able to get involved around campus in my first year was by being on my residence house council. Being on house council is a low-time commitment but being a member on the council comes with tons of rewards. Being on house council kick-started my volunteer experience and is a huge reason why I am the communications executive for this year’s orientation week!

Do we have classes the same time as exams?

No, classes stop before the exam period ends so you do not have to be going to class and writing exams at the same time. However, this does not apply for midterms, midterms work the opposite way and happen during classes.

What is the nearest shopping mall?

The nearest mall to the university is the main mall in Waterloo which is Conestoga Mall, it is less than a 10min drive from campus and is you can easily get to the mall on the bus if you take the 7C. Not only does Conestoga have good stores it also has a grocery store for all of you living in apartment style.

 What is a Onecard and where do I get one?

Your Onecard gives you access to the dining hall, the AC, city transit, certain study classrooms, residence, pretty much anything you will need in your first year will be on your onecard. So, make sure not to lose it!! You can get your onecard anytime between now and the first week at the onecard office. If you wish you can take a photo of yourself and send it in or you can take the photo at the one card office. I recommend getting your onecard before move in day since the lines are long and you will need it to eat at the dining hall! So, don’t wait!

How do I apply for campus jobs?

Campus jobs are posted on a website called Navigator that we use at Laurier, if you are looking for a campus job I recommend you check out the website which you can sign into using your student ID number. Another great opportunity is with Wilf’s our on campus restaurant. You can also check out opportunities with the Students’ Union. I personally think campus jobs are the best because they work around your schedule and realize that school comes first.

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