Why You Won’t Want to Miss Out On Orientation Week!

Hey incoming Golden Hawks!

As you know, Orientation Week 2019 is fast approaching. Orientation Week is an unforgettable experience that brings together the Laurier community. Once you step on campus, your Ice Breakers, students, faculty and campus partners will all be welcoming you to the Golden Hawk family. Get ready to meet your Ice Breakers, they will be bringing their all as they guide you through your first week at Laurier. Get excited for all of the new people you’re going to meet and for the events held for all of our incoming students.

Without any further ado, here are the top 5 reasons why you WON’T want to miss out on Orientation Week 2019!


Get to know your new campus

Nervous about finding where your classes are? Don’t wait until the first day of classes. It can be daunting learning all the names and locations of the buildings on both of our campuses. Your Ice Breakers are a fantastic resource to help you out with directions and questions you might have. Orientation Week Events are located throughout campus, so going to the events and sessions during the week will help familiarize you with your new home.

Check out this post to learn more about Waterloo!


Building lifelong friendships

On your move in day, you will be introduced to your don and fellow Golden Hawks in living on your residence floor or in your LOCUS community. Although it might not seem like it right away, these are the people who will eventually become your Laurier family. Whether you’re living on or off campus, events held during the week are opportunities to bond with others and meet all sorts of people. Many of the friends that I made during Orientation Week are still my closest friends to this day.

Be sure to purchase the Gold Ticket to attend Headphone Disco, the Carnival and other exciting nighttime events during the week with your friends!


Getting ready for the classroom

It can be a challenging transition going from high school to university, that’s why we’re here to help. During Orientation Week, faculties will be hosting sessions to chat with you about what to expect with your program, how to be successful, and the on-campus resources available to support your academic journey at Laurier.

Did you know that the Laurier library offers over 1 million digital and physical resources for students?


Getting involved

Laurier is ranked #1 in the world for volunteerism. We’re also ranked #1 for student satisfaction. It’s no secret, Laurier students love to get involved. Make sure to attend the Clubs Fair and Campus Fest to learn all you need to know about campus clubs, committees, teams, and services, and how you can get involved in your first year.

With over 250 clubs offered to students, if there isn’t a club that’s right for you, make one!


A chance to be you

This Orientation Week, I challenge you to take a leap. Whether it’s attending events, going full out for cheer off, or just meeting new people. Whatever that might be. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, discover new opportunities and pave new paths for yourself! What you’re willing to put into Orientation Week, you’ll get out of it.

You might be experiencing many emotions, and for most of you, it’s your first time moving away from home. Your dons and Ice Breakers are there to support you and give you the tools that you need to succeed. Know that Ice Breakers are a resource for you not just during Orientation Week, but throughout your first year.

Orientation Week set the tone for my time here at Laurier and I hope it does for you. You chose Laurier for a reason, find out what that reason is during Orientation Week. You’re a Golden Hawk now, be sure to embrace it.

And remember, it’s great to be a Laurier Golden Hawk!