What are First Year Leadership Programs? [Brantford]

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Applications close Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 at 12:00 PM! For more information, click here

Beginning your journey at Laurier on the Brantford Campus? Read below to learn about the First Year Leadership Programs available!

What are FYLPs?

First Year Leadership Programs, or FYLPs, are programs that are geared specifically towards first year leaders at Laurier. FYLPs give first year students a chance to immerse themselves in Laurier’s renowned quality: volunteerism. As a volunteer on any of the FYLPs you typically run events for fellow first year students and develop yourself as a leader. There are four different FYLPs that cater to different crowds: Brantford Residence Council (BRC), Residence Athletic Council (RAC), Art Hawks, and LOCUS House Council.

What positions are available and what do they do?

Each of the FYLPs have Directors and Community Representatives that work together to develop programming. All of the FYLPs have a Campus Council Advisor, which is an upper-year student that organizes and takes the lead on each FYLP.

Directors usually have two meetings per week, while Community Representatives typically only have one. That said, when there is an event taking place there will be a need for more commitment in order to ensure that it is organized, ready, and well-executed.

How can I apply to an FYLP?

Ask a Don (it doesn’t have to be your own!) or REA about how to apply! We strongly encourage you to reach out, even if you are just a little interested, to learn more about FYLPs!

What is the difference between each FYLP?

 Art Hawks

  • This FYLP provides students the opportunity to share in their love of the arts! In the past, it has put on events such as coffeehouses and DIY art projects. Note: You do not have to be good at any type of art, just simply have to show interest in the arts!

Brantford Residence Council (BRC)

  • This FYLP focuses on providing first year students with a number of social events to get involved in! In the past, it has taken a lead on hosting the Movember Gala and a variety of other fundraisers, banquets and social gatherings.

Residence Athletic Council (RAC)

  • This FYLP focuses on promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for first year students, by way of athletic and recreational means! In the past, they have run things such as tournaments and other athletic-based events. Note: You do not have to be good at athletics, just simply have to show interest in athletics!

LOCUS House Council

  • This FYLP is specifically for LOCUS students (a group of off-campus first year students) that has run a large variety of events in the past.

(You can read more about LOCUS and the LOCUS House Council in our blog post found here: http://yourstudentsunion.ca/oweek-update/what-is-locus/)

What’s in it for me?

On top of building great friendships with other students and having a wonderful time doing so, you will develop both personally and professionally. There are many people who have gotten to know campus partners through FYLPs, which led them to get positions such as: Residence Life Don, Residence Education Advisor, Learning Cluster Advisor, Students’ Union Coordinator/Executive, and many other paid and volunteer jobs on campus! Joining a FYLP is an enriching experience that you’re definitely going to want to take part in!

Written by: Ryley Fletcher, Residence Education Advisor (East) – Brantford