Things to Do in Brantford

All of you new faces to Brantford are probably super excited to start your new life here at Laurier’s Brantford Campus! You’re also probably wondering, “Hey, what can I do in Brantford?” Well, we here at the Students Union got your back. Here’s a list of (approximately) 10 things you can do with your free time here on campus!


Harmony Square (Summer)

Known as the heart of Downtown, Harmony Square is small, but it packs a big punch. There’s a splash pad, a bunch of stores and restaurants, and events happening all summer! The city hosts a bunch of movie nights, and they’ve shown plenty of the newest Disney movies! This is also the place where the Mayor’s Lunch happens, so come down and get a burger from the Mayor of Brantford, and keep your eyes peeled for any other events or free food stuff on their bulletin board!


Harmony Square (Winter)

It’s the same place, but a completely different vibe! The splash pad becomes an ice rink, which is a sweet spot to hang out with friends or even that significant other of yours! 


Victoria Square

If you like picnics, or even just somewhere to sit under some shade and chill (maybe even read a book), just come to the small park outside Carnegie! There isn’t much around, but it’s the perfect spot for a break from classes, especially if you like the outdoors. And hey- if you’re still playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, I hear it’s a park filled with confoundables and inns, and maybe you can practice some spells too! (Maybe even catch some pokemon in Pokemon Go too!)


BGN Lab/Digital Library(GRH Basement)

Bored? Friday night, nothing to do? Roommates don’t want to go out, friends decide it’s a chill day, and you got no homework or studying to catch up on? Most importantly: do you like games? If so, check out the basement of Grand River Hall! The lounge may be a little quiet, but it’s the perfect space to play a board game from the games library with your friends! From games you’ve heard of, like Codenames, to games that don’t even sound real, like Lords of Waterdeep, we got your games-craving situated. If it’s a longer game, then the games library works just like a regular one- and you can sign the games out! It’s not just board games either, the library has the latest releases on Playstation 4, XBox One, and Nintendo Switch, as well as the ability to sign out physical consoles along with games if you don’t have it! Just don’t lose it or forget to bring it back!


RCW Lobby

If you need a quick pick-me-up between classes, or some new Laurier Merch, the Research and Academic Centre will be your best friend. Our Student Union-run cafe, Golden Grounds, is there if you need a quick coffee, or a snack craving can be picked up at The Hub! They have printing and tech-repair services too, in case your printer smells your fear, or you just need something printed last minute. If you’re like me and you’re addicted to buying sweaters, then get the comfiest sweaters I know of from The Bookstore! (Maybe even some textbooks too) RCW is also home to some of our events, including volunteer appreciation, pancake breakfasts, and even our Poster Sale so you can spruce up your room!


Trivia Night

Come join yah boy Kyle the Trivia Guy every other week for a chance to win some prizes at our Trivia Night!  



Some quality events with some quality people. Not only is our bi-weekly Trivia Night held here, but so are some of the coolest events! Get free food during Volunteer Appreciation Lunches, play some Rock Band during Rock Band night, and on not busy days, just come down to chill out and hang out with friends. It’s also a great study space, and if you end up sticking around later in the evening, Foot Patrol is just down the street to get you home safely, whether it be a drive or a walk.

Walk the Grand River Trail

If you like nature and walking, or you’re just wondering where “Grand River Hall” got it’s name from look no further than the Grand River itself. A trail actually leads down river that you can walk or bike down, making it a quiet place to walk, chat with friends, or just chill and enjoy the beauty that is the Grand River. (Just be sure not to accidentally fall in!) 


Lynden Park Mall

You have free bussing on your OneCard, why not use it to check out the mall? Lynden Park Mall may be small, but it packs quite the punch. With stores ranging from Sunrise Records, to Hallmark, to Le Chateau, to The Source, and many more, it’s a nice little place to go shopping and walk around!


Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre

Want to check out where Wayne Gretzky came from? Maybe see his history? Then check out the Wayne Gretzky Sports centre! There’s a small museum on the inside where you can learn more about the Canadian hockey legend and maybe even see Walter Gretzky himself! The place is also a fully functioning sports centre too, with a pool, ice rinks (of course), and gyms to work out and play some sports!



If you’re like me and you’re too lazy to get on a bus, maybe check out the Laurier Brantford YMCA, just across the street from Harmony Square! One of the biggest gyms in Ontario is open and ready for you to use. With a weight room and cardio room for gym days, a single and double gym to play some sports, and a pool to swim in, it’s the perfect place to get some energy, and even get them gainz! Did I mention it’s included in your tuition fees? That’s right, the Laurier Brantford YMCA is completely free to students enrolled at Laurier Brantford, just make sure you bring your OneCard! 



At the end of the day, who doesn’t like food? If you’re really feelin something different than that ham and cheese sandwich you packed yourself for lunch this morning, just keep your eyes open and you’ll find plenty of food around. From restaurants like The Works, Nine North, or Boston Pizza, to quick places like McDonalds, Subway, or Little Ceasars, we’ve got your food fix. If you look hard enough, there’s free food everywhere! (That’s right, FREE!) Check out our Indeginous Student Centre for free Soup and Frybread once a week, or just wait for the many different appreciation and cafe events we have on campus! (Pancake Breakfast is pretty awesome) And of course, if you’re willing to go further out into the city, we are home to some of the coolest restaurants around, such as Sociables, The Symposium, and even Game Time, an arcade and sports-themed restaurant in one!


There’s plenty to do around campus and in the city. Ask anybody, and they’ll tell you their favourite spot to eat, chill, and study around! Just remember to keep your eyes peeled for those sweet events and food, and remember to Stay Golden!