Orientation Week Concert

The annual Orientation Week concert has been revealed, and this year we have JAZZ CARTIER!

The Toronto-born rapper, who’s best known for his songs “Dead or Alive” and “Tempted” will be coming to Laurier on Thursday, September 5th at the Athletic Complex in Waterloo, courtesy of A-Team! For just $15, you can enjoy Jazz Cartier with your friends, and all of Laurier!

But, just because this is in Waterloo doesn’t mean that Brantford can’t join in on the fun as well! If you’re coming from the Brantford campus, you can still get the $15 ticket, as well as another $5 for a bus to take you there and back! It’s probably the cheapest and most accommodating deal for a concert you’ll ever get!

For more information on the event, check out our Facebook event!

If you want to purchase your tickets, just click right here!