Night Time Events – Waterloo

Want to learn more about our Night Time Programming?  Check out last year’s awesome O-Week Video thanks to WLU Student Publications and get excited for what’s to come!

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Movie on Alumni:
Come out to Alumni Field and watch a movie with your floor and icebreakers.

Bingo and Open Mic:

Bingo and Open Mic is a low-key night put on by Wilf’s our on-campus restaurant and bar for those of you that want a night to chill out from the excitement of Orientation Week. Bingo and Open Mic nights are great to get to know the rest of your floor and breakers while getting to chill out and relax. If you are looking for something low-key to do, definitely check out this night!

Concert (this ticket is not included in your Orientation Week ticket – get your ticket here):

Every year A-Team brings in an awesome performer to put on a show for Orientation Week, in the past years we have brought in Down with Webster, The Arkells, and Desiigner! This year we are super pumped to announce that Nav will be performing for Orientation Week. This concert is guaranteed to be a sell out and you won’t want to miss out!

The Jeff West Experience:

Always wanted to be hypnotized? Well you’re in luck because the Jeff West experience is coming to Laurier’s Orientation this year! Jeff West is a world-famous hypnotist that puts on a fun and interactive show for his audience. West asks for a group of participants from the audience to partake in his show and get hypnotized in front of all your closest friends. Whether you are in the show or watching, West does not disappoint and leaves everyone with their jaws dropped! This is show you do not want to miss!!

Wes Barker (Magician and Comedian):

Laurier is very lucky that Wes Barker is coming to perform at Orientation Week since the university and colleges (COCA) voted him variety performer of the Year in 2017 and the comedian of the year in 2018! Barker is extremely talented and hilarious, putting on a show that ranges from comedy to stunts, tricks, and crowd interaction! You might have heard of Wes Barker before since he has seen on America’s Got Talent, MTV, SYFY, and many more! We could not be more excited to see what he has in store for this Orientation Week!


O-Carnival is exactly what it sounds like, yes you guessed it is it a carnival!! The carnival is set-up and run by A-team and is located at the Northdale campus. We have all the same rides and games as your classic carnival has, some of these include: a Ferris wheel, the scrambler, spinning strawberry, and tons more! See you there!

Headphone Disco:

Headphone Disco is one event everyone always says is their favourite event during O-Week. Basically, how it works is two DJs are set up outside in the quad, when you enter the area you receive headphones to put on with two different stations, you can then pick what station you want to dance to and enjoy! Since everyone is wearing headphones you can hear people singing two completely different songs! This event is truly wild and a personal favourite for most First Years!

We Got Game:

We got game is a night run by A-team in the Concourse where they set up all sorts of video games like the classics Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, NBA, NHL, and loads more! Something exciting that we also have this year is virtual reality. These games are super fun and for those of you who want a more low-key night. 

Wayne Hoffman:

Wayne Hoffman puts on an amazing show for Laurier’s Orientation and this year he is coming back to us with another and we could not be excited!! Hoffman is recognized for being one of the top mentalists in the world. He makes his shows very interactive for the audience and even pulls them onto stage to participate! Everyone walks away from his show shocked by what they just saw! You will not want to miss his show!!

Drake Night:

Coming brand new to Laurier’s Orientation Week is Drake Night!! Come out and enjoy a night in the “six”. This event will take place in the Theatre Auditorium from 9 PM till 12 AM and will be set up as a club night where everything is Drake themed! So, come out to Drake Night, chill out or dance out to his music and maybe even take a picture with him!!


Last but certainly not least is one of the most memorable events that takes place during Orientation Week – Cheer-Off!! The colour teams you get assigned the first week will go against each other in the most epic cheer off to truly see who the best O-Week team is, together with your colour teams all week you will be preparing for this night and the energy in the Athletic Complex is unreal! Cheer-off is a highlight to First Years, Icebreakers, and O-Team, you do not want to miss this event!!

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