Moving Into Residence: Waterloo

With Move-In days quickly approaching, you might be stressed or feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out what to pack. Luckily for you, we’re going to highlight what to pack for university and outline some Move-In day Do’s and Don’ts!  Don’t forget to check out our Move-In Guide for information!

What should I bring to a double/single dormitory room?:

The rule of thumb for packing for a dormitory style room is if it cannot fit into one car load you are bringing too much. Living in dorm style is perfect because all your furniture is provided for you already and since you have a full meal plan you do not need to bring cups, plates, or other cooking supplies (although, it doesn’t hurt to bring a couple for some late night KD once the dining hall is closed). This means that all you really need to pack for residence are your clothes, school supplies, decorations, bed linens, and items to make the place feel like home. The only furniture that will be allowed in dormitory residences is a chair for your desk. A must have when moving into residence is a mattress topper and would strongly advise getting one or two of them to stick on top of your bed. If you are living on-campus we would also strongly advise you and your roommate to bring a fan as the beginning of September can still be hot.

As for cleaning, in double dorm floors the cleaning staff comes in daily to clean the floor washrooms and lounge, you are responsible for cleaning your dorm. In single rooms the cleaning staff only cleans the lounge so you are responsible for cleaning your washroom and dorm room. So, bring cleaning supplies that are necessary, however you do not need to bring much.

What to bring to an apartment style residence room?

You’ll have a kitchen in an apartment style residences so it’ll need to be fully stocked with cooking supplies, plates, cups, cutlery, toasters, blender, etc. These are all things you will need to bring if you are living in an apartment style residence as they will not be provided for you. As for your own room within the apartment the same furniture that is provided for a dormitory style is still provided in apartment style. This means that you can bring in a desk chair and everything else is provided. The living room is also furnished and a table is provided in the kitchen for you as well. It would be beneficial to correspond with your roommates beforehand (so you are not bringing 5 toasters and no cleaning supplies). Residence is not allowed to provided names of your roommates for confidentiality reasons but on the Laurier accepted 2022 Facebook page you can post/join your residence Facebook group and find them from there. As for cleaning, you are responsible for cleaning your apartment, the cleaning staff comes in once a semester and cleans surfaces of the apartment, otherwise you are responsible for cleaning whole apartment.

Move-In Day Do’s: 

Before Move-In Day, please label all of your boxes/suitcases with your room number, and floor. If you wish you can also include your name in case things get mixed up you may do so as well. You will receive an email on your mylaurier email before Move-In Day with information on the day and with the time-slot to arrive at, please follow the instructions on the email. Pick up your keys before going to your residence as your Don will not have them.


Move-In Day Don’ts:

  • Do not pack your belongings in alcohol bags/boxes
  • Do not bring extra furniture for your room
  • Do not bring sound systems
  • Do not bring lighters or candles
  • Do not bring a fridge, if you wish to have a mini fridge in your room, residence policy is that you can only rent on through coldex, you are not allowed to bring your own.
    You can go online once you have your residence room and building and order one that will be delivered the second week.
  • Do not bring in any nails for decorating your room, in the past Move-In Day packages provided you will be given stuff to safely hang up decorations