Get the Most out of your First year!

Going to first year is a crazy step and sometimes it can take a while to get used to your new surroundings. In high school, I was a part of a couple clubs but besides that I wasn’t that involved. Coming into university I didn’t think that would really change but before I knew it I was getting involved in a whole bunch of things.


Getting involved is the best way to make the best out of not only your first year but your entire university experience. By doing so, you’re making lifelong friends while having a great time.


Students here at Laurier are really passionate about being active on campus. In fact, 70% of upper year students are involved in community service or volunteer work and that all starts in your first year. Below I’ve outlined just some of the ways that you can be active on your campus this year!


Clubs and Associations 

Laurier has over 200+ clubs and associations that are amazing ways to meet new people who share common interests with you. Can’t find one that suits you? Start your own! 



Interested in playing sports even if it isn’t at the varsity level? Intramurals are the place for you! Register with a group of friends or meet new friends by registering on your own and being matched with a team. Whether you’re up for dodgeball, water polo or ice-hockey, there’s a sport for everyone.


To see what sports are being offered each term and to register for a team check out the Laurier Athletics page!



Even if you’re not living in residence during your first year, joining the LOCUS program means that you can still be connected with your fellow first year students. It provides you with a community that gives you academic, social, and personal support throughout Orientation Week and the entire year. Just like in residence, you’ll get a don to help guide you and plans monthly programming.


You can register here for only $85 for the year:


First Year Project 


First Year Project involves a team of 13 first year students along with their coordinator who put together fun and exciting events throughout the year for the class of 2021. The group plans and executes events for the Waterloo campus.


Applications open here at the beginning of September!


First Year Leadership Programs (FYLPs)

FYLPs are opportunities for students in living in residence to participate in their communities. They’re made up of House Council as well as six different Campus Councils.


House Council plans a ton of fun social and academic activities throughout the year for their residence building. House Council also includes one representative from each Campus Council: Community Outreach, Diversity & Equity, RAC, Arts Laurier, Upgrade, and Sustainability.


You’ll find out more information about how to apply during you first weeks in residence.