Are you a Blue Legend?

Legends have one mission: to rid the world of evil while maintaining honour and integrity. Though mighty alone, the Legend knows working with other heroes makes each of them more exceptional. Displaying strength of character, agility and knowledge brings recognition to their cause. The Legends stand for morality and justice; through teamwork and cunning skill, the shadows of the night help Legends shine. Moving through the shadows, they demonstrate prowess and valour in the face of adversity.

Donning body armour suitable for quick movements and flexibility, the Legends’ suit is personal to their story. While some prefer capes and others prefer masks, all display a blazing insignia on their chest as the Legend runs towards their adversary. Are you ready to display your L as a Blue Legend? Discover your hero within at #LAURIEROWEEK17.

why am i a blue legend?

All first year students, on both campuses, and those living on and off campus, are placed on one of four colour teams. Each team is represented by a colour and a character – we encourage you to embrace it! As part of Orientation Week, you’ll participate in team activities and challenges; it also helps to identify your student volunteer leaders, also known as “Icebreakers.” Whenever you have a question or are heading somewhere, make sure to check in with your Icebreakers.

how will i know if i’m a blue legend?

Check out here if you’re on the Waterloo campus and here if you’re on the Brantford campus to see which residence floors are assigned to be a Blue Legend. This will help you when identifying your Icebreakers and fellow team members. This information will also be provided when you come to pick up your O-Week kits on Move-In Day.