What is OUSA?

The University Affairs department conducts its provincial advocacy alongside the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA). OUSA is comprised of eight different member schools, each of which is a leader in post-secondary education in Ontario. Through OUSA, the Students’ Union develops evidence-based policy and works with key provincial politicians to implement it.

How does OUSA impact students?

OUSA impacts each student through the policy it advocates for. OUSA seeks to support students through lobbying for policy that can systemically support students, an example is OSAP!

How can students get involved in OUSA?

Twice a year OUSA holds a general Assembly where students can participate in reviewing and choosing policy points that we will advocate on for the year. Reach out to the VPUA at suvpua@wlu.ca in order to find out more information about getting involved in OUSA’s GA (general assembly)
Find OUSA on Instagram @ousahome