O-Week Registration: A Step by Step Guide to Your Golden Ticket

We’re just a few days away from your arrival at Laurier! The O-Team is excited to meet you and is continuing their work in making your start at Laurier a fun one. All incoming First Year students are automatically included in the Purple ticket package as part of Laurier 101 but before you arrive, you will need to purchase your Golden ticket for the official #LAURIEROWEEK19 experience.

“Another thing to register for?” you (and your parents) ask. Yes, but we promise it’s worth it. This is your all-access pass to O-Week activities, events and workshops. This includes, but is not limited to, carnivals, headphone disco, movie night, performers and memories to last you a lifetime!

Here’s a breakdown of the cost:

Golden Ticket:

Brantford – $35 per ticket (includes social programming, concert ticket is not included);
check out the full breakdown on our Instagram page (@yourstudentsunion)

Waterloo – $35 per ticket (includes nightly social programming, concert ticket is not included)
check out the full breakdown on our Instagram page (@yourstudentsunion)

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to purchase your Golden Ticket. Before you get started, we recommend using your MyLaurier email address to create the account:

Step 1: Visit tickets.yourstudentsunion.ca 

Step 2:
 Select your campus’s O-Week event. Pick ‘Laurier Waterloo O-Week, Your Golden Ticket’ or ‘Laurier Brantford O-Week, Your Golden Ticket’ – this is where you can also purchase your tickets to our Welcome Back Concert

Step 3:
 Click “Register” if you have not previously used UniversityTickets. This is the website to sell tickets to university events. Fill out the entire form – your tickets are electronic so make sure your email address is spelled correctly.


Step 4: Pick your ticket. You are only able to select one ticket for O-Week. We’ll need your First Name, Last Name, Student ID# and MyLaurier email address. If you are a parent purchasing tickets for multiple Laurier students, they will need to register separately.
Click “Add to order.”

Step 5:
 Head to the Checkout.

Step 6:
 Enter your (or your parents) credit card information, then click “Checkout.”

Fingers crossed, you’ve made it to the end of this journey. Your tickets will be emailed to your preferred email address. Be sure to bring confirmation of your ticket purchase (paper format or digital) with you when you show up to Move-In Day.

You now have your Golden ticket to #LAURIEROWEEK19!