Clubs & Associations: New Club Registration



Have a question about New Club Registration? Email Graham Falconer, Vice President: Clubs & Associations at using this subject line: “[Club Name] – New Club Registration Inquiry”.

necessary criteria

In order to be ratified, all potential club/associations must:

1) Be open to all Wilfrid Laurier University undergraduate students;

2) Add value to the Laurier community by serving a unique purpose or role not already available through an existing club/association on each campus;

3) Establish an executive structure with a president and at least two (2) executive members, one of which must be responsible for club/association finances;

4) Responsibly manage club/association finances.



Step 1: Check out our current clubs listing to ensure we do not already have a club that offers the same value proposition as your current idea. For a Waterloo Clubs Listing, click here, and for a Brantford Clubs Listing, click here.

Step 2: Read up on our Clubs & Associations Policy, Clubs & Associations Procedures Manual and Clubs Handbook, as well as our other resources found on our Resources webpage.

Step 3: Reach out to your peers to recruit members. Please note that all clubs based on the Waterloo campus must have a minimum of 20 members and clubs based on the Brantford campus must have a minimum of 10 members, as outlined in our Clubs & Associations Policy. You are required to present a listing of these members in your application.

Step 4: Read over the application breakdown below to get a better understanding of what is required in your application.

Step 5: Film your 2-minute pitch video!

Step 6: Once you have collected all necessary information, prepared all of your completed required documents and finished editing your pitch video, you will be able to start your application at the bottom of this webpage.

Step 7: Wait patiently to hear back from our team.




  • Club/Association Name: ensure that this is exactly how you would like it to be in our records. Please include any acronyms, as well.
  • Campus Affiliation: is your group located on the Waterloo or Brantford campus?
  • Club/Association Affiliation: is your group SU-based or faculty-based? If you are faculty-based, which faculty association are you associated with?
    • SU-Based Club: A club funded by the Students’ Union Campus Clubs fee that provides opportunities for groups to form around common interests, including recreation, social justice, mental health, entrepreneurship, and personal faith.
    • Faculty-Based Club: A discipline-specific sub-group of Faculty Associations. These clubs must be specific to the faculty and the programs it offers.
    • Please note: The Students’ Union does not decide whether or not a club is accepted under a faculty association’s umbrella. By selecting to be a faculty-based club under a faculty association, we will filter your application to the faculty association to review. If the faculty association does not accept your club under their umbrella, you will still be considered for SU-based status.
  • Club/Association-Specific Email: this is your general mailbox that will be passed down from team to team and will be used to store club files. Typically these are your If you do not have a general mailbox, please create one.
  • Club/Association Social Media Account Handles: please make sure to specify and include handles for ALL social media platforms that your club actively uses. This can include, but is not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.
  • Club/Association Logo: please attach your club’s logo that will be used in promotions, if you already have one created.


section 2: President and Vice President of finance contact

  • President: name, email, student number.
    • If you have co-presidents, please include both in this section.
  • Vice President of Finance: name, email, student number.



  • Members List: this must be a listing of all students who have expressed interest in joining your proposed club including their name, email, student number, and position (if you have already recruited executive team members; however, this list must also include individuals interested in being general members). Please note that all clubs based on the Waterloo campus must have a minimum of 20 members and clubs based on the Brantford campus must have a minimum of 10 members, as outlined in our Clubs & Associations Policy. Please use the following template.
  • Constitution: this must be a copy of your club’s constitution outlining all the key aspects of your club and its operations. This is a key document that your club will reference throughout the year, so please make sure you are putting thought into your procedures and outlining them here. Please use the following template.
  • Social Media Policy Agreement: this must be a signed copy of this policy. Please insert your signature at the bottom of the page and the Students’ Union will sign off as the Department Manager and Marketing, if you are successful in your application.
  • 3rd Party Affiliation Form: this form must be completed if you are planning on being affiliated with an external organization. 3rd Party Affiliation organizations will not be recognized by the Students’ Union if there is no form filled out by their respective club or association.
  • Clubs & Associations Advisor Agreement: this form must be completed if you plan on having an advisor who assists your club. Club advisors will not be recognized by the Students’ Union if there is no form filled out by their respective club.


Required Documents to be Downloaded and then Uploaded within the New Club Registration Form:

Club/Associations Members List Template (MANDATORY)

Constitution Template (MANDATORY)

Social Media Policy Agreement (MANDATORY)

3rd Party Affiliation Form (IF APPLICABLE)

Clubs & Associations Advisor Agreement (IF APPLICABLE)


section 4: video pitch

This portion of the application is an opportunity for you and your recruited members to create a 2-minute video pitching your club idea to our department. You can sort of view this video as an “elevator pitch,” but rather than 30 seconds, you will have 2 minutes. Although this video will not be marked on its presentation, we encourage you to get creative and really show us your club’s personality and purpose through this fun and hands-on part of the application!

In this video, you must include the following information:

  • The name of your club;
  • The concept of your club;
  • Your club’s value proposition;
  • Who is your target audience for members;
  • Why you are different from other clubs;
  • Impact and importance of your club to the Laurier Community;
  • All of the events you plan on hosting in your first year;
  • Anything else you want our team to know about your proposed club.



Please see below for a copy of each of the policies and procedures manuals that you must acknowledge and agree to the terms of each document.

Clubs & Associations Policy

Clubs & Associations Procedures Manual

Budget Allocation Policy 

Poster Policy

Faculty Association Financial Policy (if applicable)


Review this checklist before moving on to complete the form:

  • Have you read the above information?
  • Have you collected all of the appropriate information for Section 1?
  • Have you collected contact information for Section 2?
  • Have you prepared your Members List using our template for Section 3?
  • Have you prepared your Constitution using our template for Section 3?
  • Have you completed the 3rd Party Affiliation form, if applicable, for Section 3?
  • Have you completed the Advisor Agreement, if applicable, for Section 3?
  • Have you finalized your 2-minute video pitch for Section 4?
  • Have you opened and reviewed every policy and procedural document in depth in Section 5?


If you can answer “yes” to all of the above, click on the link below to complete your New Club Registration application for the 2020-2021 fiscal year!


Please note: New Club Registration is