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Starts: Aug. 1, 2019   Ends: Sept. 20, 2019 Opt-Out at


The Undergraduate Student Health & Dental Plans are mandatory for all Full & Part-Time students. Students may opt out if they have proof of alternative extended health & dental coverage, or may remain enrolled and combine benefits from both plans.

All students choosing to opt out must do so through by the deadline of September 20, 2019. The Health ($123.51) and Dental ($115.92) plan fees are billed to your student account one time per year only.

Please visit to review the benefits prior to opting out. In many situations, it will be financially beneficial for you to remain on the plan and coordinate benefits with another plan you may already have.

Students will be reassessed and charged a fee for the plans on a yearly basis. This means you will need to provide proof of alternative coverage and opt out each year you are a student (including co-op terms). Alternatively, if you opt out this year, you are still eligible for the plans in subsequent years.

Once you opt out, you are not eligible under any circumstance to opt back in during the current policy year of September 1 to August 31 (this includes a parent experiencing a loss of employment and benefits).


When opting out online you are required to register for an account and provide the following details:

  • MyLaurier email address

  • Student ID number

  • First and last name

  • Opting out of: health, dental or both

  • Name of the insurance company providing your benefits

  • Name of the plan sponsor (employer name or privately purchased)

  • Policy/group number

  • ID/certificate number

Confirmation of successful opt out request will be reflected on LORIS, Student Services Tab, View Invoice, Account Summary by Term.


Undergraduate Health and Dental Plan FAQ & Trouble Shooting:


Who is eligible for coverage?

Can I add family to the plan/who is considered eligible dependents?

How much does the plan cost?

Policy Period: September 1 – August 31

Single: Health $123.51 / Dental $115.92
Family (1 Dependent)*: Health $247.02 /Dental: $231.84
Family (2 Dependents)*: Health $370.53/Dental $347.76
*If you are adding more than 2 Dependants, please see for updated rates*
*Family Rates do not include plan member rates

Can I opt out if I have other coverage?

What is the Opt-out process?
Note: There are no exceptions or extensions to the opt-out deadline.  If you submit a claim during the opt-out period and have requested to opt-out of the plan your opt-out request will be declined and your fee will not be reversed.

What if the only medication that works is not covered?

How long do I have to submit a claim?

Can I co-ordinate benefits with another plan (COB)?

The following are the three most commonly identified concerns.  Please ensure you have all of these correct before contacting the Undergraduate Health and Dental Plan at 519-884-0710 ext. 3557 or by email at

I cant log onto the Student VIP website  – the full email needs to be used here.  The  password is created by the student during the site registration process and has no ties to any school issued information.  The password can be reset by using the Student VIP “forgot password” feature An email with the new password will go to the Student’s email account.

Problem within the Opt Out – in the Personal Information section – the student uses the FULL email address where it asks for Email in this section.    When there is an error at this part of the process, it tells the student they must enter a valid or email address

Problem within the Opt Out – in the MyLaurier Login section –  the student ONLY uses the 8 characters that are the beginning of their  here and the password is the password they check their email with.  If there is an error at this point of the process,  it tells the student “unable to verify your information with school.”  If the student contacts the WLU IT  help desk and has the password reset it seems to fix this error.  They can be reached at 519-884-0710 ext. 2222

Successful opt outs will be visible in LORIS, 3 to 5 BUSINESS DAYS after the request has been made, under the Student Services tab, View Invoice, and scroll down to the bottom right to VIEW INVOICE BY TERM

IF your opt out was rejected, you will be notified to your email address.  Please respond to that email with the correcting information before the deadline date of September 20, 2019 should you choose to proceed with your request. 

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