Meet Robert: AVP: Clubs and Associations Waterloo

Robert Wilson


Students’ Union Role:
Associate Vice President: Clubs & Associations on the Waterloo Campus


What city/town were you born in?
Newmarket, Ontario


What year were you born?
Born December 1999, full on 90’s kid


What I’m taking at Laurier/year:
Going into my fourth and final year of Economic Studies


How many siblings do you have
I have one brother


Do you have any pets?
I have one cat named buddy, very creative name I know


Where would we most likely find you on a weekend (pre-pandemic)?
Hanging out with my roommates playing games


At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?
Probably a music store


Choose a movie title for the story of your life:


What was your favourite toy as a kid?
I had some pretty sweet “K’nex” toys where I could build roller coasters among other things, that was really fun.


Can you play any instruments?
I can play the guitar, bass, really basic drums, and really bad piano


What is the oldest thing in your refrigerator?
definitely one of those VH sauces, I have a lot of those lying around


What is your favourite cereal?
Honey nut cheerios is definitely a classic


Secret skills:
I know how to play the spoons


What was your childhood nickname?
I had way too many. Rob, bob, bobby, robby…bobert was definitely the most popular growing up.


Do you have any phobias?
I really, really hate rodents. Something about them just freaks me out haha


One thing on your bucket list?
CN tower edge walk & traveling to australia


What is the first thing you would buy if you won a million dollars?
Maybe a new guitar, probably a high end taylor made acoustic.


How do you act when stressed?
I focus on the thing that stresses me out until it’s dealt with


What is the first thing you’ll do post-quarantine life?
Capitalize on wing nights


Come talk to me about (something you’re passionate about):
Come talk about new music, sports (if you wanna rant about the leafs, i got you), economics and politics, or anything related to clubs & associations!


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