Meet PJ: President & CEO

When/Where were you born?

Toronto, 1999!


What I’m taking at Laurier/year:

I am a graduating student double majoring in Political Science and Sociology


Are you a dog or cat person? (or other, if applicable)

I have both but more of a dog person!


What is your most used emoji?

The hundred emoji but I don’t really use emojis


What’s one skill you’re currently working on? (professional or personal)

guitar, getting my first electric soon


What’s a hidden talent you have?

I can cook but I don’t think I hide it very much


What was your favourite toy as a kid?

I think a slinky. Can’t remember all that well.


What are the top 3 most used apps on your phone?

Tik tok, email and facetime


What’s one thing in your workspace that you love? (e.g. a favourite mug)

Probably my laptop I don’t really get attached to inanimate objects haha


Who’s your hero?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is up there.


If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Any Scandinavian country


At which store would you want to max out your credit card/have a shopping spree?

Indigo or Long and McQuade


Pineapple on pizza? (this might be the most important question)

No. Absolutely not.


Choose a movie title for the story of your life:

She really did that?


Come talk to me about:

Classic Rock (I only know mostly about the 60s-70s though), mental health or American politics or really anything, I am pretty approachable I promise!