Meet Julia: AVP: Finance & Administration Brantford

(Abigayle) Julia Byers


Students’ Union Role:
Associate Vice President: Finance and Administration (Brantford)


What city/town were you born in?
Woodstock ON


What year were you born?


What I’m taking at Laurier/year:
Fourth Year Criminology with minor in Law and Society (and hopefully Health Studies soon)


How many siblings do you have?
1 sister


Do you have any pets?
A border collie named Baumer (like the Leafs player)


Where would we most likely find you on a weekend (pre-pandemic)?
Reading, swimming, or hanging out with friends


At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?


Choose a movie title for the story of your life:
That Awkward Moment


What was your favourite toy as a kid?
Any of my stuffed animals


Can you play any instruments?
I used to play violin


What is the oldest thing in your refrigerator?
BBQ sauce


What is your favorite cereal?
Capn Crunch


What was your childhood nickname?


Do you have any phobias?
Moths and large bugs


One thing on your bucket list?
Going to the Ireland Bluffs


What is the first thing you would buy if you won a million dollars?
A house


How do you act when stressed?
Bite my nails or my lips


What is the first thing you’ll do post-quarantine life?
Get my nails done


Come talk to me about (something you’re passionate about):
Volunteering for the Students’ Union!


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