Meet Adam & Savannah, our Marketing Associates!

A new term brings new faces to the Students’ Union team, and today we’d like to welcome Adam Rezkalla and Savannah Dale to the Marketing team as Marketing Associates. Adam will be working from the Waterloo campus and Savannah is based on the Brantford campus.

Their  roles are to bring a fresh student perspective to our marketing initiatives and get you, the students, more involved with student life at Laurier and all of the amazing opportunities the Students’ Union has to offer!

Here’s some fun facts you’ll want to know about Savannah:

  • she also goes by Sav
  • she’s in her 4th year in the Digital Media and Journalism program on the Brantford campus
  • she claims to have a bottomless stomach and will never turn down an eating challenge UNLESS it involves cilantro (in that case, she forfeits)
  • one of her goals is to hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s a whopping 4,265km trek from Mexico to Canada, crossing through California, Oregon and Washington (no biggie)
  • Her secret skills include Interior design and avoiding the Laurier plague every year (teach us!!)Here’s some fun facts you’ll want to know about Adam:
  • he’s in his 3rd year of Communication Studies on the Waterloo campus
  • he used to make YouTube videos of him playing video games in high school, had about 10,000+ followers on Twitter, but started to like other things once University hit!
  • one of his goals is to change the way people look at the Students’ Union brand
  • A secret skills include the ability to make people laugh without them thinking he’s funny 🙂 but he’s also pretty good at chess

If you get the chance to meet them,  Sav is always up to talking about tiny homes and conspiracy theories or chat with Adam about social media, Game of Thrones or Star Wars.

We’re excited to have them bring their awesomeness to the Students’ Union!