Letter From The President:


To all Laurier undergraduate students,

Happy Summer! I’m Shane Symington, and I’m lucky enough to be your Students’ Union President for the 2022-2023 academic year. I can’t express how excited both myself and my executive team are to begin our term. We want to work hard to make this year as fun and as memorable for as many students as possible. For the first time in years, (fingers crossed) we are poised to have a fully in-person year, and it’s time to showcase what the true Golden Hawk experience entails for those who haven’t been able to see what that looks like yet.


I’ll begin with my intentions. My main focus for the year is to connect and engage with the student population in meaningful and tangible ways. I want the Students’ Union to have a greater presence in the Laurier community than ever before. I think that we should be responsible for making the student experience here at Laurier as fun as it possibly can be. Beyond this, I want to continue and grow the means of social justice advocacy on campus. I want to cultivate an environment where our community can be more intersectional than ever before. I want to incorporate community partners in both Waterloo and Brantford so that the Laurier community can be more in touch and involved in the outside communities we’re fortunate enough to integrate ourselves in. I think it’s also important to carry over the hard work and the initiatives that the Students’ Union carried out this year and continue their momentum by building and expanding upon them. Over the course of the summer, my team and I are going to be planning a variety of ways that this can be accomplished.


What this all translates to exactly is yet to be seen, but that’s what this summer is for. Our summer consists of working to turn these many ideas into tangible, meaningful, inclusive, accessible events and initiatives for the Fall and Winter. Personally, I have astronomically high expectations for what 2022-2023 will look like at Laurier. I know that the executive team and the SU operations team are extremely dedicated to following through on delivering a golden experience to every single Golden Hawk across both campuses.








Shane Symington
2022-2023 Students’ Union President & CEO