Letter from the President: June Updates

The month of June was dedicated to examining the state of the organization and how we reach you, our stakeholders. Historically, it has been quite the challenge to keep the student body aware of all the opportunities, resources and supports we offer. Our traditional methods have done a great job and it’s only fitting that we continue to improve.

We have officially launched the Students’ Union Ambassador program, which will be a vital committee on both the Waterloo and Brantford campuses. Darshil Shah, VP of Finance & Administration; Natalie Rigato, VP of Programming & Services Brantford; and Nikki Corless, VP of Programming & Services Waterloo have worked arduously to develop program structure, training, and operating procedures. This committee seeks to fill any information gaps that exist on our campuses. Volunteers will be equipped with knowledge about the programming and services offered by the Students’ Union so that they can effectively advise their fellow students.

We are excited about this new committee because it creates an opportunity to provide more leadership opportunities and to introduce a more innovative way to keep Laurier students up-to-date.

Lastly, professional development of our volunteers is of utmost priority. July 7th and August 11th have been scheduled for our coordinator conference (Co-Con). It is a two-part multi-campus training and development opportunity that sees our students gaining key skills that they will need to tackle the upcoming year with their committee members, planning, evaluation and overall programming.