Letter from the President: Farewell

As my term as President and CEO comes to an end today, I’d like to thank everyone for making this year one for the books. The Students’ Union plays an integral role in the lives of students in an attempt to positively enhance their experience. I’m fortunate enough to have played a small part in that this year. Most importantly, the congratulations goes to our staff and volunteers who work for an organization they are incredibly passionate about.

I had the opportunity to be a volunteer throughout my undergrad but it wasn’t until this year that I truly realized the integral role all of our student leaders and volunteers play in driving the organization. The Students’ Union would not be the place it is without our volunteers and their hard work.

The role of the President and CEO is one with many obstacles thrown your way. It comes with disagreements, conflicts, and challenges, but is through these that we make true progress. This is not a single undertaking, however. All of our successes and accomplishments through these challenges are because of the people at Laurier who work night and day to ensure students are able to succeed. I’m humbled to be surrounded by such an amazing support network and I could not have gone about this year without our staff, volunteers, partners, and fellow student leaders.

I’m not the type of person who dwells on leaving legacies or making a mark. I was elected by the student body to represent them to the best of my ability and always keep their interests at the forefront. In the process of doing that, I made decisions in the best interests of students and to ensure they had a positive experience while holding onto my values of integrity, compassion, and humility. I’m not asking you to support all my decisions, as dissent and holding the President accountable is imperative. I hope you can understand that everything I did this year was for those who believed in me and elected me to this role.

Over the past twelve months, I had the opportunity to further advance the work of my predecessors while sticking to my principles and I’m fortunate to have contributed in the grander scheme of things.

The Presidency is not about a person, it never has been and it was never all about me. It is about a commitment to those who elected you, and advocating on behalf of students, even in the most adverse situations. Over the course of the year I’ve learned and grown a lot and I will cherish the memories and lessons from this year for a long time.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for an incredible year and wish nothing but success for the Students’ Union and students of Laurier.


Kanwar Brar