Letter from the President & CEO: September/October Updates

The student life cycle is a rather interesting one.

You rarely notice the rapid pace at which time moves when you are tackling midterms, participating in events, trying to eat properly and doing what you can to maintain a social life.

The Students’ Union understands that the number of things you must keep up with can be overwhelming and as such, endeavors to make your life easier. A couple updates ago, we mentioned that we were updating our clubs and associations communication platform to an app called The Perch. We are happy to acknowledge that the Perch is now operational! The Clubs & Associations department led by Sara Clark, has done a great job preparing this new platform for our 18,000 undergraduate students across both the Brantford and Waterloo campuses. The Perch can be accessed at theperch.yourstudentsunion.ca using your MyLaurier credentials. It is now the hub of all things clubs and associations related; providing students with the ability to interact with the on-campus clubs through group and event pages.

The Perch was officially launched and open to all students last week. Several training sessions were done, and this was complimented by campus-wide boothing ventures.  Clubs and associations are still in the process of building out their group pages, so continue to check back to find more ways to get involved!

Lastly, the organization is cognizant of the excellence in our membership and is committed to encouraging its growth. Accomplishing another goal from my platform, the Students’ Union is happy to announce the SU Presidential Sponsorship Program. The Students’ Union wants to provide Undergraduate students an opportunity for financial support for any group of individuals that seek to represent Wilfrid Laurier University in various competitions at different levels. The Presidential Sponsorship Program is designed to provide financial support to groups/individuals representing our school in a provincial, national or international competition. We strongly believe that talents must be nurtured well in order to grow and we are hopeful that this is a step in the right direction.

The link to the program can be found here: http://yourstudentsunion.ca/sponsorship-inquiries/       

As we go about the rest of the semester, know that the Students’ Union is here to serve.

Tarique Plummer,
Students’ Union President & CEO