Letter from the President

To all Undergraduate Students,

We are very excited to join you and write another year of uniquely Laurier stories, or if you are in first year, to begin them. We have all enjoyed the infectious spirit of these early days of Orientation Week. As the undergraduate student body, however, we must recognize that these dangerous unsanctioned public gatherings must end.

At Laurier, we pride ourselves on being a community-driven school on and off-campus. We love our neighbours just as much as we love our own campus space. Creating a disruptive environment and burning furniture in the street puts a burden on emergency services and is simply destructive. Further, these unsanctioned gatherings are reinforcing a negative reputation that affects how employers view us as potential employees.

Most importantly, Laurier prides itself on its well-established reputation for high student satisfaction — thanks in large part to the wealth of student supports the university offers. We encourage students to express themselves in positive ways, such as participating in events such as Headphone Disco tonight and the Jazz Cartier concert on Thursday. Our safety and the safety of the broader community is our highest priority. A Golden Hawk cannot soar with broken wings. Please safely and respectfully enjoy your time here at Laurier.


Zemar Hakim
YOUR 2019 – 2020 Students’ Union President