Lazaridis Students’ Society

Lazaridis Students’ Society

The Lazaridis Students’ Society works with 25 student-run clubs, to support student interests ranging from accounting to marketing, leadership to online business, and every discipline in between. A significant portion of the funds LazSoc collects are granted to our Business & Economics clubs annually in order to assist them in operating and expanding their own mandates.

Every year, students in SBE show their passion by exploring areas of the business world through new club formation. The students’ society has a formal process in place designed to help interested students propose ideas for new clubs.
Between March 15th to April 15th of every school year, the LazSoc Clubs & Associations team undertakes a review process that evaluates the current offerings from Business & Economics clubs. The process occurs only once during the year in order to align with the LazSoc fiscal year so that Clubs can be granted their operating funds in a consistent manner. It is at this time that the team may make changes to existing clubs, or approve the formation of new clubs.

If you are a student in the faculty of Business & Economics and you are interested in starting a new club, please submit a written proposal to between March 15th to April 15th. Please note that for the reasons mentioned above, proposals will not be accepted at any other point during the year.

Your proposal should address (at least) the following criteria on which your new club idea will be evaluated:

The value your new club provides to SBE students, including differentiation from offerings that already exist under another club
The impact your new club would have on existing programs and events offered by LazSoc, Business & Economics clubs, and the School of Business & Economics.
Your target market of students; who will your club appeal to?
Scalability – is there room for your club to grow year-over-year going forward?
Sustainability – is there sufficient interest and talent to sustain your club leadership and membership year-over-year?
Important things to keep in mind:

1) Your club must appeal directly to Business & Economics students, as you will be evaluated on having generated sufficient interest in the idea prior to being approved. 51% of your members must be current students of the School of Business & Economics. If your club is of a general nature, you should consider becoming a Students’ Union club to maximize your potential audience reach.

2) LazSoc receives many proposals for new clubs every year, but there exists a finite pool of resources to distribute between clubs – for this reason, not all clubs will be approved, and the Clubs & Association team reserves the right to accept or dismiss proposals based on the criteria noted above and additional circumstances as they arise.

President: Thomas Andress and Catalina Garzon
Campus: Waterloo