Orientation Week 2019:


We’re busy planning an amazing #LAURIEROWEEK19  so keep checking back as we’ll be updating this page over the summer.

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Welcome to Laurier – we’re excited to meet you!


Orientation Week 2018:

#LAURIEROWEEK18 is your chance to find out why it’s so great to be a Laurier Golden Hawk. This full week of events, programs and workshops introduces you to the Laurier community, your home away from home and your future friends.
O-Week begins on Move-In Day: (Sunday, September 2nd & Monday, September 3rd for Waterloo; Monday, September 3rd for Brantford) and runs until Saturday, September 8th.

If you’re moving into residence, please refer to New Residence Students and our Move-In Guide
If you’re living off-campus, please refer to Laurier’s Off-Campus Student Guides found here

Orientation Week Schedule – Brantford Campus

Orientation Week Schedule – Waterloo Campus

International Orientation Week Schedule

                                                              Faculty of Music Orientation Week Schedule






The Red Riddler

Mysterious, cunning, and sharp, the Riddler is a ghost beneath a hat and trench coat. Shrouded in secrecy, the Riddler may take the form of a detective or a spy, though no one really knows their true form. They are levelheaded, even-tempered, and handle any obstacle with ease and swiftness. On an average Friday night, the Riddler may be found in dark alleyways, perched under lampposts, or solving the latest crime or puzzle.

Favourite food: a steaming cup of coffee, or ice cold revenge.

Favourite activity: reading newspapers on street corners

Meyers Briggs: INTJ, INFJ

Favourite clothing accessory: A strong brimmed hat

Their Hogwarts house would be: Slytherin

Secret skill: Blending into the surrounding environment



The Green Guardian

Strong, loyal, and unwavering, the Guardian is a protector, a defender, and a warrior. Guardians thankfully have traveled back in time to help save Laurier! Guardians have existed throughout history if they carry a shield; chances are they’re a Guardian! From the fields below to beyond the cosmos, Guardians are steadfast and true by nature. Their battle cries and bellows carry far and wide, if there’s a Guardian around, you will know for sure. On an average Friday night, you may find a Guardian playing some form of team sport or polishing their shield collection.

Favourite food: a hearty breakfast with all the fixings

Favourite activity: anything team-oriented, helmet shopping

Meyers Briggs: ENFJ, ISFJ

Favourite clothing accessory: a shield, duh.

Their Hogwarts house would be: Gryffindor

Secret skill: Shield tricks


The Blue Charger

Blue Chargers are notoriously fun-loving, calm, and good-natured… Until they get charged up. Then, things might get a little… shocking! With magnetic personalities, Chargers are friends to all, regardless of coloured team! Because they hold immense power in just the palms of their hands, Chargers are cautious, striking, and extremely precise. And, they’ve always got your back if your phone needs a boost. Chargers wield the power of nature, so a lot of what they do is electric and loud! They live life with the dial turned up to 11, sending shockwaves wherever they tread.

Favourite food: Eel sushi

Favourite activity: Watching thunderstorms, or playing the electric guitar

Meyers Briggs: ENFP, ENTJ

Favourite clothing accessory: Three words; Lightening. Bolt. Everything.

Their Hogwarts house would be: Hufflepuff or Gryffindor

Secret skill: Microwaving food without all the mess


The Gold Astros

The Gold Astro is extremely intelligent, focused, and detail-oriented. Because they’re a pilot beyond the atmosphere, they know the demands and importance of what they do. They are skilled, tactile, and wise beyond their years. It takes extreme precision and attention to patrol and explores space as they do. Refueling their spacecraft, the Astro is always one step ahead of the game and prepared for anything. They spend their free time training for their next mission, taking notes on their latest discovery, or communicating via radio to their home base. Beneath the helmet and space suit, Astros are individualists who think for themselves. They fear nothing, and they value the connections they have to their home planet.

Favourite food: Space burritos (look it up, it’s a thing!)

Favourite activity: Working on their spacecraft

Meyers Briggs: INTP, ISTJ

Their Hogwarts house would be: Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff
Secret skill: Asteroid parkour


Step 1:
 Select your campus above.

Step 2: Click “New User Registration” if you have not previously used UniversityTickets. This is the website to sell tickets to university events. Fill out the entire form – your tickets are electronic so make sure your email address is spelled correctly. We recommend using your MyLaurier email address to create the account:

Step 3: Pick your ticket (via email). You are only able to select one ticket for O-Week. If you are a parent purchasing tickets for multiple Laurier students, they will need to register separately. Click “Add to order.”

Step 4: Head to the Checkout. You’ll see an “Add More Tickets” button on the screen.

Step 5: This form provides us with necessary details like your emergency contact information, shirt size and dietary restrictions. Click “Checkout.”

Fingers crossed, you’ve made it to the end of this journey. Your tickets will be emailed to your preferred email address. Save in a safe folder or print off and store away until September. You now have your GOLDEN ticket to #LAURIEROWEEK18!



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