-WEEK 201



The Red Rival: The Trailblazer of Flames

Born from flames, the Red Rival leads its own path with fire. As a natural born leader, this trailblazer defies the expectations of all. Loyal to the road and to those it calls friend, the Red Rival often travels in packs. Valuing respect above all else, the Red Rival works best when it is with others. Able to command fire at will, this Elemental is ready to set Orientation Week 2019 ablaze.


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The Green Cyclone: The Typhoon of the Skies

From above, the Green Cyclone can be seen. Most comfortable in the skies, the Green Cyclone thrives on thrill-seeking experiences, and can be often found in the clouds. The Green Cyclone is able to manipulate the air around them, giving this Elemental the ability to harness the winds of fate to their advantage. Be prepared for the Green Cyclone to blow you away this Orientation Week 2019.


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The Blue Riptide: The Defender of the Seven Seas

This Elemental is a champion of the Seven Seas and a force not to be reckoned with. After navigating the depths of the deep sea, the Blue Riptide is making its way to Wilfrid Laurier Univeristy. Characterized by bravery and courage, the Blue Riptide can control the water around them as a protector of the sea and to defend those in harm’s way. The tide arrives this Orientation Week 2019.


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The Gold Infinity­­: The Master of Time

Known for its cunning, quick-thinking nature, The Gold Infinity has a vast knowledge of time manipulation that is beyond our realm of understanding. To the Gold Infinity, there are endless possibilities and infinite outcomes through time manipulation. This Elemental has faced countless challenges throughout history and is ready to face its greatest one yet — Orientation Week 2019.


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