Hello / Goodbye 2020 – 2021

Hello Golden Hawks!

I am Pegah Jamalof, better known as PJ, and I am your Students’ Union President this coming year (2021-2022). This past year has been challenging for everyone, but my team and I are prepared to help make this year great.

In the last few months, my executive team and I have been learning from Devyn and the fantastic staff here at the Students’ Union.  We have coordinated with them methods to best support the student body and provide great experiences in a fun and safe manner.

If you are coming to Laurier, welcome, I hope that together we can make your first year a positive and memorable experience. These next few months, my team and I will be focused on how to best present the experiences and opportunities Laurier has to offer, while also promoting a safe environment for our staff and students.

To those graduating, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.  I know the online environment for your final year was not expected. However, I admire the accomplishments made by the graduating class when presented with adversity.

My team and I are looking forward to getting started and seeing what this year has in store. We hope to present to you a transparent, accountable and successful Students’ Union this coming year.


Pegah Jamalof

2021-2022 Students’ Union President



Congratulations Golden Hawks, you made it!

This year has been everything but easy and you all showed extreme adaptability and resilience, even when you were pushed to your limits. Whether you struggled with the online learning environment or excelled, you did it and you learned from the experience. As the school year comes to a close and summer approaches, ensure that you take some time to reflect on your accomplishments from this year, no matter how big, or how small, they each deserve to be celebrated.

I am sure many of you wish this year had looked different, for first-year students; meeting new friends and hanging out in dorm rooms, and for upper year students; walking across the stage at your convocation. These experiences feel as though they were ripped away from you, and it is okay to be upset or frustrated when you reflect on what was missed this year. If you are struggling, reach out to someone, I promise you have a whole community of support to lean on when you need it. Let me be honest, this year was nothing like I imagined either, but in some ways, I am grateful for the challenges that this year, and this position brought. Each Golden Hawk that I have interacted with during this pandemic has taught me about perseverance and making do with what you are given.

Whether your first or final year just came to a close, remember that you are all Golden Hawks for life. If there is anything that I took from this year, it is that Golden Hawks care for, and about, each other. The university staff foster an environment where the needs and voices of students are their top priority and the students support and look out for each other no matter what. This is what it means to be a Golden Hawk, even after you graduate.

Thank you Hawks, for teaching me what it means to be a part of the purple and gold community. You have all worked exceptionally hard this year and I am confident that each and every one of you will carry the lessons of this year, and the Laurier spirit, throughout the rest of your lives.

Take care of yourselves and those around you, I wish you all the best with your future endeavours.

And for the last time… Stay Safe & Stay Golden, Hawks.

Devyn Kelly

2020-2021 Students’ Union President


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