Financial and Volunteer Operations Department

Overview of the Department

The Financial and Volunteer Operations Department is the internal support for the departments and business operations of the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union. It is focused on ensuring all levels of the Students’ Union are operating on a consistent and transparent basis, and that best practices are being followed for financial and human resource accountability.

Our responsibilities include training and managing volunteers (including onboarding, conduct, and appraising processes), volunteer appreciation initiatives, departmental and SU committee finances.


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Paid Positions


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The Hiring and Recruitment Committee maintains the Human Resources standards throughout the Hiring process for all committees under the Students’ Union banner. A member of the team would have the responsibilities of hosting and attending STARR information sessions, as well as aiding in hiring coordinators, executives, and general members for the other Students’ Union committees.

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All volunteer positions are hired by the student-run Hiring and Recruitment committee using a standardized application format called STARR. STARR is a behavioural based question format where students outline the situation, task, actions, result and relatability of a scenario they see fit to answer a question. Students are thereby able to use past experiences to back up their aptitude for the given role through their answers. STARR is a format used in similar capacities by many employers, which means volunteers learn skills that serve them in future when looking for careers outside of the Laurier community as well.

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Departmental Updates

The Financial and Volunteer Operations Department sends out a monthly email to all volunteers with important information on volunteering, appreciation initiatives and events happening on campus.

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Liam Chapin
VP Financial & Volunteer Operations
519.884.0710 x 2083
Office: Waterloo
Sarah Brophy
AVP Volunteer Operations (Waterloo)
519.884.0710 x 4464
Office: Waterloo
Ashley Ramdhan
AVP Volunteer Operations (Brantford)
519.756.8228 x 5827
Office: Brantford
Lily Thong
Hiring & Recruitment Co-Coordinator
Office: Waterloo
Sarah Brophy
Hiring & Recruitment Co-Coordinator
Office: Waterloo
Aruthi Paramasamy
Hiring & Recruitment Coordinator
Office: Brantford