Full-Time Staff

Phil Champagne
Executive Director & COO
519.884.0710 x 3379
Office: Waterloo

Policy, Research & Advocacy

Ian Muller
Director, Policy, Research & Advocacy
519.884.0710 x 4467
Office: Waterloo

Brantford Operations

Anthony Massi
Director, Brantford Operations
519.756.8228 x 5971
Office: Brantford
Angela King
Administration Assistant
519.756.8228 x 5903
Office: Brantford

Finance & Administration

Chris Turner
Director, Finance & Administration
519.884.0710 x 3382
Office: Waterloo
Charlene Lacelle
Facilities & Cash Services Manager
519.884.0710 x 3441
Office: Waterloo
Ping Fu
Ping Fu (On Leave)
Staff Accountant
519.884.0710 x 4689
Office: Waterloo
Kathy Zhu
Staff Accountant
519.884.0710 x 3585
Office: Waterloo
Beccy Lee
Executive Administrator
Office: Waterloo

Member Services

Student Experience

Jason Verhoeve
Director, Student Experience
519.884.0710 x 2605
Office: Waterloo
Kelsey Richard
Programming & Promotions Manager
519.884.0710 x 4982
Office: Waterloo
Kara Mosburger
Clubs & Associations Clerk
519.884.0710 x 2594
Office: Waterloo

Hospitality Services

Jeyas Balaskanthan
Director, Hospitality Services
519.884.0710 x 3582
Office: Waterloo
Michelle Finch
Brantford Hospitality Manager
Office: Brantford
Amanda McKinney
Catering Manager, Hospitality Services
519.884.0710 x 4957
Office: Waterloo
Laura Bailey
Kitchen Manager, Hospitality Services
519.884.0710 x 4636
Office: Waterloo
Andy Neilson
Business Manager, Hospitality Services
519.884.0710 x 3358
Office: Waterloo
Sam Anhorn
Guest Services Manager, Hospitality Services
519.884.0710 x 3568
Office: Waterloo

Marketing Communications

Megan Lacoursiere
Director, Marketing Communications
519.884.0710 x 4465
Office: Waterloo
Emily Strachan
Production Manager
519.884.0710 x 4121
Office: Waterloo
Liam Hartman
Marketing Associate
519.756.8228 x 5926
Office: Brantford

Customer Service & Satisfaction Policy

Feedback Response Form
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The Students' Union reserves the right to only respond to emails sent from @mylaurier.ca and @wlu.ca emails