Frequently Asked Questions

This page is dedicated to answering some of the most frequently asked questions of the Students’ Union.

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March 17 – What can the Nest do for you?

March 3 – How do I take a virtual walk with Foot Patrol?

February 3 – What is the Nest?

January 20 – What positions are available with Students’ Union?

January 13 – How are the SU Elections running this year?

December 9 – What positions can I run for in the upcoming Students’ Union election?

December 3 – What is Boar’s Head? How is it operating this year?

November 26 – How can I learn more about the upcoming Students’ Union election?

November 19 – My computer broke or I have limited/no access to a computer. What can I do?

November 12 – How can I get in contact with the Students’ Union?

November 4 – How can I join a club? How can I create a club?

October 28 – I am struggling with the exam requirements in my courses. What can I do?

October 22 – Is Wilf’s open? How can I order from them?

October 7 – What is Food Bank’s parcel service? How can I get a parcel?

September 30 – Where can I study on campus?

September 16 – How do I coordinate my benefits? My opt-out won’t go through, what can I do? When does the opt-out period end?

September 9 – How can I get involved? How do I find out more about my member benefits provided by the Students’ Union? How do I order takeout from Wilf’s?

September 2 – How do I view the schedule / join events? How do I access my email account? How do I find my Orientation Week colour team?

August 26 – How do I find out my Orientation Week colour team? How do I log on to my Laurier Zoom account? What should I do if I opted out of Undergraduate Health and Dental but it is not showing on my Loris Account?

August 19 – How does family health and dental plan coverage/opt-in work? Should I enter my home or school address to receive my O-Kit? How do I earn points for the SU Summer Challenge?

August 12 – Do I have to register for O-Week? How can I get reimbursed for my undergraduate health and dental plan opt-out? Does the student choice initiative still allow me to opt-out of non-essential fees?

July 29 – When does volunteer hiring close? When are Fall invoices coming? Why is the undergraduate health and dental plan so expensive?

July 22 – How long do I have to submit a health and dental claim? Do I need to pay my rent during the COVID-19 pandemic? Is the athletic complex open?

July 15 – How can I get involved? When is the health & dental opt-out period? When is O-Week?