Frequently Asked Questions – O-Week Edition

How do I view the schedule / join events?

Watch this video:

or view the schedule here.


how do I access my email account?

Go to

Enter your Laurier username (just the username, not the full email address)

Enter your Laurier password

Click login


What is my Laurier username and password?

Your Laurier username is the first four letters of your last name followed the last four digits of your student number. So if your last name is Smith and your student number is 1600681270, then your username would be smit1270. If your last name has less than four letters, then the remaining letters would be x’s. So if your last name is Li and your student number is 1600681270, then your username would be lixx1270.

When logging in, do not append “” to the end of your username. If you have never changed your Laurier password before, then your default password is your date if birth in the format of MMDDYYYY.


How do I find my orientation week colour team?

All of the colour teams are listed on

Also you can find your floor/locus group’s Zoom link here:


Have a question?

Use the Customer Service Feedback form on this page or reach out to us on our social media accounts.

Also be sure to check out our previous FAQ answers here.