Frequently Asked Questions – August 19

How does family health & dental plan coverage/opt-in work?

If you are a Laurier undergraduate student who has a spouse, partner, and/or dependent children, you can opt them into your plan for an additional fee on the opt-in page. You as the plan member are already charged for the plans in LORIS. Opt-in deadline is also Sept. 25, 2020.


Should I enter my home or school address to receive my O-Kit?

You will be receiving your O-Kit the week before Orientation, so send it to wherever you will be residing then!  Reminder: you can get your FREE O-Kit at


How do I earn points for the SU Summer Challenge?

You can earn points in multiple ways. Check out this table below:

Points Given Event Date(s)
1 Get a LinkedIn Account Any date
2 Update your LinkedIn in to include SU volunteer experience Any date
2 (can be earned multiple times) Take a picture with someone on your committee and post it to your Instagram feed or story on any Sunday in August with the #SUSUNDAY August 16th, 23rd, or 30th
3 (per coffee chat, aka have more than 1!) (Extra points if you post about it on social media!!) Have a coffee chat with any SU volunteer or staff Any date
3 (per course) Complete a course on LinkedIn learning Any date
5 Do the O-Week dance TikTok challenge and post it on socials Any date
5 (all socials to get points) Follow SU on all socials (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook) Any date
4 (can be earned multiple times) Participate in the #SUSUNDAY campaign by posting a memory, a meeting picture, or anything SU related on your Instagram feed or story. August 16th, 23rd, or 30th
10 First 20 people to complete their training on MyLearningSpace Anytime but go quick
4 Bring a non-SU volunteer to any panel or event Any time
2 (can be earned multiple times) Use the Uber eats code and post on social media with the #SUSUNDAY August 16th, 23rd, or 30th


Keep track of your points by emailing: for Waterloo for Brantford

Screen shot everything you do worth points, even if you have posted on social media and tagged the accounts, still screen shot that and email it in just so we have everything in 1 place and so you don’t miss out on points you deserve!